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Default Re: Pest snails + napalm?

Originally Posted by David_L View Post
I acknowledge that snails aren't catastrophic but I'm striving for a pest snail free tank and looking at options to purge them from a tank. That being said, are either of those loaches appropriate for a 20g long? I thought they grew a bit too big for smaller tanks and need to be kept in groups? Also, the king of the tank currently is a betta, so I worry about aggression.
I have had both of those loaches, and they did not get more than about 3 inches max. They are miniature loaches, very different from clown loaches or even Kuhli loaches. I thought they were a very good addition to my tank.
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Default Re: Pest snails + napalm?

ObiQuiet's post sounds a bit like what happened to my brother's tank. I can't remember in detail, neither can he. So I'd say you can start with a few Helena and hope they don't reproduce to 100s. If it was a small tank, you could add one, but in your case I don't think it will make much of a difference.

Maybe if you add a boiled lettuce or spinach leaf overnight, you could remove a bunch in the morning. Maybe after some consecutive days their population would decline significantly.

Let us know how it goes.

EDIT: hoppycalif's suggestion about the small loaches sounds very interesting too. Unless they also ear nerites...
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Default Re: Pest snails + napalm?

A quick note on keeping assassin snails (clea helena) in a tank with nerite snails.

Contrary to information circulating on the Internet, most of which I assume is speculative, assassin snails will aggressively predate on nerites. In my experience, assassins will reduce the nerite population in a matter of weeks, and will only start working on the "pond snails" (bladder, ramshorn) after the nerite population has been sufficiently reduced. Some nerites will survive, but you will lose the majority of your colony. The survivors tend to be the ones that prefer to stay high.

Large snails like Mystery snails and apple snails that have a fully functional operculum appear to avoid predation.

If you do not have nerites in your tank then assassin snails might be right for you.

Best regards.
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