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Default Re: Predatory Amano shrimp

Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
The guppy fry was moving in the shrimp's arms (big 2 inch momma). They don't chase down a fish, more like a fry swims by and is in arm's length. Yeah, I've seen them eat dead fish, they are a great clean up crew but now I wonder how many of those fish they caught.
Have you actually saw the fry swim into the Amano, captured and eaten, or you assumed it happened after the act. I keep Amano with RCS in a small bowl with many small critters such as baby snails and detritus worm. I have never seen the Amano prey on any.

Guppy will eagerly eat daphnia, so they will not hesitate to eat shrimplets not in hiding. But to say Amano a predator needs more eye witnessing evidence.

Originally Posted by dwalstad View Post
I've been keeping my guppies with RCS (Red Cherry Shrimp) without problems until I noticed that the big delta tails of some males were getting chewed up and ragged. I thought it was a bacterial infection until one day I saw a sad male sitting on the bottom with two shrimp on his tail. (I pulled the male out and he's doing fine.) I think the shrimp nibble on the tails at night when the males are sleeping.

It's not a major problem, but then my RCS are only 1/2" long.
I donít doubt that RCS can nip on slow moving fish occasionally. But if you donít see them swarm a live guppy and finish it like ants, it doesnít make them a predator. Amano and RCS are algae eater and scavenger. Scavenger will eat immobile fish eggs, larvae or dying fish, which is not the same as predator that actively hunt down prey. When I had a dwarf Mexicano crayfish in the same bowl, he was a predator that cleaned out all snails leading to algae take over.
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Default Re: Predatory Amano shrimp

I saw a moving fry in the clutch and eaten.
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