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Hi all,
My name is Scott, and I've also had fish tanks since I was a kid. Started getting into the planted tanks a few years ago, but it's been kind of off and on. Right now I just have a few small tanks (20g or less) set up, while my 125g and 2 75g tanks sit empty. It's likely I'll be moving a little closer to Kentucky in about a year, so I'm waiting until then to set them up.

Right now I live in Hamilton. I'm not married and I work for an investments firm. I've been following the SWOAPE forum for about a month or 2 now, and been to one meeting. Great group of people here!
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Hi my name is Chris, and I'm an Aquarium-Aholic. I've had a tank since I was probably like 6, you know the 10 gallon tank with the tetras and whatever else Mom thought was pretty.

Over the years it was just a tank on the dresser, nothing too exciting. Sometime around 7th grade, I surprised my parents by paying for a 20H to replace the 10 gallon. Not long after that, I bought a pair of Convicts to go in with my mom's mollies, sword tails and tetras. The Convicts spawned shortly afterward and killed everything else, I was suddenly addicted to Cichlids!

Shortly after I bought a 55, and then it just continued to grow.

Fast forward to late 1999. After graduating high school and going to Wright State, I decided I absolutely couldn't stand the school and moved back home in West Chester and started commuting to UC. At the time my fish "collection" was a part time business called... CincyCichlids. I had somewhere around 50 tanks, just over 2000 gallons. My main focus has always been Tanganyikan Cichlids. Many from the Neolamp and Julidochromis families. My favorite are definitely the Cyprichromis Leptosoma.

I've tried raising plants a few times. In some tanks I could get java moss and java fern to grow, but even the anacharis was a waste of money and I soon gave up on plants.

After 9/11, I was no longer able to ship air cargo so it gave me good reason to close up shop and sell everything. About two years ago I purchased a 300 gallon acrylic tank, and the bug came back!

Now I'm up to 20 tanks again and ~1300 gallons. Late last winter I sold a tank to Matt. When I delivered the tank, he showed me his planted tanks, and I was pretty much hooked.

After 3 attempts and 60lbs of C02 (in 8 months) I can now say that I have a pretty stable 75 gallon planted tank.

I'm in the middle of setting up a 125 planted tank, all I need now is the substrate and the 6 T5 bulbs that will go on top.

So, that's a bit about me. I graduated from UC with a BA in Communication. Currently I'm selling generic pharmaceuticals but still looking for a "real" job.

I have some connections too for some dry goods (heaters, water pumps, etc) so please let me know if you're looking for anything.
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Im 39 years young. Been keeping fish since I was 13. Worked for a small fish store in Athens called Fish-n-Stuff from age 14-20. Started there officially at 16, but would "hang out" there with the owner prior to that helping him bag fish for customers in exchange for the occasional guppy trio or tetra. (Mike the owner is one of my better friends now btw)

Spent 8.5 years in USAF and visited saudi arabia back at the beginning of the gulf war in 1990/91. Got out and started working at Safari World in Goldsboro, NC. The owner was a specialist in exotic animals. We had rare poisonous snakes on display,(taipain, green mamba, asian king cobra), a 14 ft albino burmese python, monkeys, tarantulas, you name it.. I was one of their fish guys. Its funny.. Every job Ive ever worked (fish related) I thought I knew soooo much about fish.. I look back at those days and realize I didnt know nearly as much as I thought.

I abandoned my "fish shop whore"(will explain that another day ), days and started working in the IT industry. Currently working for Reynolds and Reynolds as a software analyst here in Dayton.. I have a gorgeous understanding wife and two handsome young boys, ages 7 months and 4 years. The oldest likes to put hotwheels and gi joe into my bottom aquariums, so all the lid handles have been removed.

Ive had various lvls of success with planted tanks. All have been low tech/DIY variety. Selling off all of my large central/s. american cichlids now to make room for planted tanks that will be accompanied by angelfish and other bread/butter fish. I started out 2006 with 16 tanks.. Down to 9 now, with the goal of being at 5-6 by end of this year. I'm a member of the GCAS, AKA TheLoachGuy. I love clown loaches. I have 14 of them from 3-6" in a 75 gallon.

Thats about all I have to say about that....

Jeff E.
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Hi my name is Mark I live in Lebanon Ohio I am 20 years old and have been into aquariums for about two years now. I lived in West Chester my whole life and just moved to Lebanon about a year ago where I finally got a little fish room up and going. I attend Miami University. I wasnít too crazy with aquariums until I got involved with GCAS and then it because an addiction.

Right now I have about 30 tanks up and running from 10ís to 150ís I do a lot of breeding I have 4 pairs of angels, one pair of discus and some albino bushynose that I finally got to spawn. Most of my tanks are well planted with some medium to low light plants. Iím really glad I found this site and hope to make some new friends and learn some new tricks. Look forward to meeting everyone at the upcoming meeting.
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Hi folks,

Name's Russ. I'm a filmmaker and I teach filmmaking Dayton, but I live in Cincinnati. I've kept aquariums since I was 9 years old; bred my first cichlids (Severum) when I was 14; got into Africans in my 20s, until I got sick of watching them rip each other's fins off; tried keeping and breeding Rainbows in my late 30s; stopped for a decade and got back into it with plants a couple of years ago. I still like fish, probably too much because my tanks are stuffed with them. I bought some Tropheus at the auction, but came to my senses and sold them before they killed each other. I like aquascapers Takashi Amano, Oliver Knott, Wayne Sham, and Eric Cheng. I'm probably too busy to be doing this.

Good 'scaping,


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My name is Rob. I live in the Greater Cincinnati area. I've been an aquarium hobbyist since 1994, off and on due to different living establishments. I've had 10, 20H, & 29 gallon community tanks (3 in all) for most of the duration until about 2 years ago, when I got serious about breeding fish & planted tanks.

I've always been into smaller, peaceful, community fish, because I'm not a fan of my fish killing my other fish. I've had Angelfish in the past, but never had any aggression problems. I did get tired of my blind cavefish chewing up the Angelfish fins though! I also think schooling fish like Tetras & Corydoras pygmeaus make for quite an interesting & attractive tank.

In January 2005, I bought my first 75 gallon tank from Aquarium Adventure and added a few bunches of plants to it. Around the same time, I started researching the heck out of breeding Tetras. It didn't take long before algae started appearing in this tank and the plants started to wither away.

I soon found the GCAS on the Internet and started asking all of my algae erradication & Tetra breeding questions. This is where MatPat found me (or vise versa) and changed my perspective of the hobby forever. He told me my 40W light was not intense enough, so I replaced it with a 2 bulb T5 @ 6700K. Then he told me I needed to add CO2, so I bought a used system and set it up. Then he had me order up Greg Watson's dry fertilizers. In no time, my pitiful, dying tank was resurrected & started to flourish with greenery. Within a couple of months, the tank was completely grown in with no sign of algae. Then I bought another 75 for a 2nd hi-tech, planted setup.

On the same weekend at the end of June 2005, I attend my first planted tank meeting (pre-SWOAPE) and joined as a GCAS member at my first club meeting. I really like both clubs. GCAS is a more fish oriented, structured meeting without much social interaction between members, where SWOAPE meetings are more socially driven with dispersement of group orders, plant swapping, & chatting it up, but have had topics and guest speakers in the past. I really enjoy the bi-annual GCAS auctions where I can sell extra plants & fish. OK, buying gets out of hand every once in a while too.

Both clubs have made a huge impact on my success as an aquarist. The plants have assisted my Tetra breeding (first foods & hiding places) and my Tetra breeding has stocked my planted tanks. Win, win! I could never imagine not having my planted 75 from here out and baby plants have been tranferred to newer, smaller, low-tech tanks throughout the house.

I'd like to thank Matt for his time, patience, & dedication to share his planted tank knowledge in order for me to succeed as a hobbyist. I've met a lot of good people between the 2 clubs as well. Far too many to list and the list keeps growing.

Since I'm actually an old timer with the club, I'd like to welcome all of the new people who keep finding the club who I haven't met yet.

My computer job is quite boring. That's why this is a rather lengthy post for me!
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PAINKILLER1009 is a regular member

my name is travis and im 26 years old.
i have lived in marion my hole life, i have been married for 2 years and have a 9 month old son. i just go into fish tanks really, my lilttle bro just hooked my up with a 55 gal dirt cheap. i started searching on the net for what i wanted to do with it when i came across some planted tanks. form there on i knew what i wanted.
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Hello all, I am Chad from NW Columbus, have 3 cats (Chase, Chance, Chester), 1 hamster (Hamloaf), some fish and plants, and I am married. I orginally am from Cleveland and moved here to be with my wife, then fiancee. 3 years ago we decided to try a fish tank in our new home, mostly as entertainment for our cats. Well, we fell in love with fish keeping and decided to try aquariums plants. Now I am addicted and currently trying numerous easy to moderate plants. I figured joining SWOAPE would be a good way to meet people in the hobby and maybe share a few plants.
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Default The Oozeman

Hello All,

My name is michael Ousley and I have been interested in planted aquariums from the start(about4-5 yrs. ago). I decided to start a 12g nano cube at the onset and I planted it heavily from the beginning and set up DIY co2 and retrifitted lighting to make a 4wpg tank. I was living in Kentucky then and now I live in Jamestown, which is near Xenia and Dayton, Ohio. I work in Cincinnati and I am an innercity teacher. I currently have two planted tanks going one is a high light bowfront the other I'm still working on as I have just moved recently...it will be a high tech 65g. I am currently keeping Discus, right now just for enjoyment and not to breed. I have plants such as G. Spilanthoides, Rotala Rotundifolia, Marsilea Quad., Glosso., Wendti red, Broadleaf Sag., AmmaniaGracillis. The new tank I am planning will focus on swords and some other taller plant species...it will beasically be an Amazon Biotope. I would interested in meeting and sharing with other enthusiasts. Thanks.
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Melissa Hellen, from Chillicothe, Ohio. I'm posting this from my husband Don's account. We both belong to SWOAPE, Don being the late-comer, getting interested in planted tanks just this year. He's still new to a lot of this.

I got my first ten gallon a few years after we first married--that was 30+ years ago now. In the 80's I started keeping inexpensive fancy goldfish in a 40 or so g. tank. Back then I was trying to use plants, afraid to use real aquatics from the riverside--we lived in Pa then--and using nephthys and pothos, rainforest plants that do well underwater for a while. In the late 90's I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to continue to keep fish because of health problems. I had a 20-some tank with three medium goldies in it and did water changes weekly when I was up to it.

At some point I discovered Diana Walstad and her attempt to revive the old Victorian idea of balanced aquariums where the plants and fish complement each other and since discovering this easy way of keeping tanks I've not looked back. I went from not being able to keep up with a single 20-some gallon tank to having eleven tanks, and one more at a friends' home I care for. One of these is a hundred, 4 are 55g. tanks and the rest are smaller ones. We keep goldfish, angelfish, discus, three different kinds of tetras, Endlers, white clouds, corys, cherry barbs, cherry and ghost shrimp, ramshorn and trumpet snails and and a betta named Spike.

My oldest goldfish Bertha will be 17 this spring. We've also got 3 cats ( Bob, Dave and Lily) and a greyhound, also named Spike.


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