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Default Re: SWOAPE Member Introductions

I'm Joe from Batavia (East of Cincy). Getting ready to convert my 375 Malawi Hap tank to hopefully a Jungle. Probably won't start hitting it hardcore until end of summer as I spend most of the summer on my motorcycle instead of playing with my fish. Look forward to being a part of the forum.

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Default Re: SWOAPE Member Introductions

Guess it's about time I did this.

I'm BRiaN from Kettering, OH, spitting distance from Matt. I go way back with Jeff (the loach guy) and Chris (cincyCichlids). Most of my aquaria career has involved cichlids, primarily Tanganyikans, though I really dig the planted thing, too. I used to be pretty active in the r.a.f.cichlids usenet newsgroup back in the day. My latest venture combines the two, but I'll elucidate on that in a separate thread.

Apart from aquaria, I'm just an all-round uber-geek. My MySpace page is here. I post a lot of poetry and 'karaoke blogs' in my blogs. Send me a friends request if ya like.

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Default Re: SWOAPE Member Introductions

I'm Jenn from Lebanon. I worked in graphic and web design before becoming a work-at-home mom of 2 rascals who seem to have boundless energy and a million activities. Life is hectic enough so I don't know why I'm stuck on planted tanks. I love gardening so maybe this is a natural progression.

I had no interest in aquaria, in fact tried to get rid of my husband's only 40g, until my son brought home 3 black mollies from preschool and 1 of them got sucked into an uncapped filter. Naturally, I had to replace the fish which then spawned many little babies which led me into learning more about how to care for them, more fish, more tanks, more online time and eventually, happened upon a glorious picture of a planted tank and got addicted. I am constantly downsizing while keeping an eye out for new and cool plants and gadgets. I suppose that's addiction. So, here I am, only 3 years out from those darn mollies.

I've had a 20H with 2x DIY CO2 & HOB for a little over a year now and been trying to upgrade to a 60L planted. I also have 1 shrimp tank and 2 non-planted. I want to eventually convert them all to planted. I'm a light weight and don't plan to have 30 tanks so please don't lure me into it with those mega strong and well-organized, well labeled racks.

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Default Re: SWOAPE Member Introductions

Hello everyone. My name is Larry 59 years old 4 kids and 4 grand kids. I started keeping aquariums back in 1974. Member of GAAS Greater Akron Aquarium Society and back then BAP Master Breeder of 5 different species. I had a fish room and about 20 tanks back then. Angles have my heart having had a breeding pair that raised their own young. I have not had a tank up since moving to Columbus in 1986. My Grandson and my daughter kept asking questions about keeping their tank and I decided it was time I put one up again. I started with a 20 I still had all the equipment for in the basement. The top of the stand was empty and I discovered that they make a 37 gallon that would fit it. I decided I wanted something I had never tried before. A planted tank. Lots of $$ later CO2, 130watts of CF and Eco Complete. 3 white clouds 9 angle fish 2 clown loachs 3 Otos I'm still fighting the algae but loving the look.

Now I'm in deep again. Bought a 125 off ebay for $415 and it has taker over my living room and soon my wallet. So welcome me in I'm all ears. Looking for substrate lighting c02 and filter advice. Oh yea don't forget about the plants. That seems to be the cheep part.

My wife asked that I consult her before making another purchase like that one. But she will love it.

I also am into One Design Sailboat racing having bought my boat last year.
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Default Re: SWOAPE Member Introductions

Hello everyone my name is Duane from Waynesville.

I have been in the aquarium hobby for the past few years and tried recent with salt water and failed. I am trying to get back into it with a planted tank. I have had a few small ones in the past and loved them. Now my old 120 gallon is goin planted so far my plans are for some simple low light plants to start off with and grow from there. If anyone has any suggestions or plants for sale too let me know i should be ready for them sometime here in the near future.

By the way, i dont know if you remember me Pat, you bought 2 29 gallon aquariums from me.
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Default Re: SWOAPE Member Introductions


I've been keeping planted aquaria for about 5 years. I moved to Cincinnati about 1.5 years ago and I was able to put together my first "fish room." It is filled with planted tanks and I'm working on breeding dwarf cichlids (mainly). My fish room tanks are NPT to try to limit maintenance. I also have a 75 gallon high tech tank in the wall of my basement. This is my second high tech tank. My previous one was the focus of my fish keeping for the 3 years prior. I started a journal following the 75 gallon that is linked below in my signature.
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Default Boesemani Rob

Hello my name is Rob, I live in Miamisburg, OH. I'm fairly new to aquaria but I am totally addicted to raising fish and plants in my 55 gallon setup. I am always on the search for new info regarding these. My current plants are Amazon Swords, Java Ferns and anacharis. My fish are 2 Clown Loach, 2 Kuhli Loach, 3 Boesemani Rainbows, 1 Turquoise Rainbow, 2 Zebra Danios, 2 Otocinclus, 1 Mono Argentus and 1 Bamboo Shrimp.
I am looking for some more Boesemani Rainbows if anyone knows a guy. Thanks, I look forward to being part of the club!
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