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Default SWOAPE Member Introductions

In my introduction, I decide to include a little bit of how SWOAPE was started so it may be a little long

My name is Matt and I live in the Dayton, Ohio area. We moved back to Ohio in late 2004 after living in various areas of the country for the past 20 years. My last job prior to the birth of my first child was as a professional cabinet maker. Since it is hard to find an evening job working in a cabinet shop, I am now a stay-at-home Dad of two.

I have been into planted tanks for about 4 years now and into aquariums in general since the late 80's. I recently had 6 high tech planted tanks going but have downsized to three, after the birth of my daughter. I have two 75g tanks and a 50g tank planted right now along with two low tech 10g planted tanks.

When I moved to Dayton I found two others in the area via APC and Aquabid, Damon (Simpte 27) and Ken, who were interested in planted tanks and lived nearby. After talking with them, the three of us decided it would be a good idea to start a plant club to meet other enthusiasts. Since I didn't know too many folks from this area, I posted this thread on the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society (GCAS.org) site wondering if there was enough local interest to start a club.

Jack (Jack W.), Rob (rwoehr), Sean (ctmpwrdcamry), and probably a few others I am forgetting to mention decided it would be worthwhile to start up a plant only club. We held our first "meeting" in April of 2005 and SWOAPE was born. We now have nearly 30 members and seem to add a new member every month.
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My name is Sean and I have been dabbling with aquariums for about 6 or 7 years. I tired to have one when I was younger, but as we all know they can get costly fast, so without an income, once the fish died, I was done.

I moved to Ohio in 97, found Aquarium Adventure in Columbus shortly there after. After being amazed by their large planted tank I decided I wanted to have something like that one day. After trying to keep plants in a 10 gallon, and then again in a 37 gallon, I got on the Internet to find out what I had been doing wrong. Turns out, I had been spending to much money at AA Thanks to Matt and others here, I learned the beauty of Dry Ferts and cheap plants. But thats all that was cheap.

I currently have 5 tanks. The original 10 and 37 gallon tanks now have nice plants in them, as well as a 20, 20L and my 75 which is the only tank with co2. Thanks to Jim, not only do I have a plant problem, I also have a discus issue. I still have not found a cream to clear these up.

In addition to fish I also like cars, hence the screen name. For 4 years I ran an on line parts business. After starting a full time job while still in college, I decided I needed to spend more time on school work and dissolved the business. I also sold the Camry and purchased a MINI. So much more fun.
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I guess I'll go next.

I'm 24, female, and have lived in Columbus my whole life (not that I'm entirely proud of that ). I attend OSU full time with classes starting yesterday. I'm a junior there.

I attended Otterbein College to basicly play D3 soccer and when I didnt get playing time I wanted to transfer the next quarter. Life worked oddly for me then... I picked up a job at Aquarium Adventure and made it up to an assistant manager there. I also met my current boyfriend, Daniel, there so it wasnt a bad experience all around. I had that job around 2001. There I met Sue who created and cared for the plant tank there. My interests turned to reefs, but plant tanks still amazed and enthralled me. I'm "six' nano-reef.com and maintain a large reef set-up and planning on creating a propagation system that will push 300gallons.
Anywho, I quit AA and worked at Byerly's for a little while. I then got a job at FedEx Ground where I am currently employed part time as a service manager. My area loads packages to NY, so please no service comments.
So, I'm with another fish nerd, Daniel, I'm maintaining a few semi-serious plant tanks (for danio choprae, pelvicachromis species, and shrimp mainly), a large reef, working and attending OSU.
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Originally Posted by Six
There I met Sue who created and cared for the plant tank there.
Sue was an awesome and tallented person. So unfortunate....
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Hi my name is Scott; I have had aquariums in and out of my life since I was a child. I have done the standard Fish only tanks and then moved onto Salt water. Although saltwater tanks are a thing of beauty they also require a lot of work. More work than a planted tank. Given my busy work schedule, I am a principal consultant with Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions. I had very little time to take up the great hobby. You just have to know your limitations. I can at times travel a bit and thus have no time for the saltwater tank. So in case anyone wants to know my job consists of computer technology from Microsoft, Linux, Citrix, SAN's, clustering, networking, and so on. I have had a planted tank since the June meeting where most of you came out to lend a hand. I was treated with a warm welcome and have since been on this forum. I have now started a 30 gallon planted tank for the office.
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Hey everyone, I decided to introduce myself too! You may have seen me hanging around, but I'm one of the newer members of SWOAPE and planted tanks in general.

I'm a 17 year old High School student and I've been into aquariums for about a year now. Although I spent about 3 months trying to do a fishless cycle with plants. The bulb that was recommended by the LFS for plants was 21,000K I believe. It was something outside the usable spectrum of plants. Not to mention I was at something like 0.9 wpg. So my 20 gallon was dormant, and I consistantly tested water and put in huge amounts of ammonia hoping to make progress. Unfourtantly, the tank was rather old so it ended up springing a leak, putting an end to to my planted tank happiness until last December (there was lots of reading and hanging out on aquatic plant boards until then!)

Finally in December I setup my 1st planted tank...with vals and anacharis, and blue gravel with eco complete on the bottom! Unfourtantly, a massive hair algae attack forced me to upgrade. During the upgrade, the clown puke gravel was replaced, and the filter was changed from a Penguin to an Eheim 2213...killer canister filter

Just last Friday, I drained the tank again and replaced everything with 100% eco-complete, and finally fired up CO2 injection. At this point, I think I've replaced everything in my tank that could possibly have been wrong and holding me tank. I don't think I have 1 original component from my first setup besides the tank thermometer.

Planted aquaria is really a hobby that I enjoy quite a bit. It just seems like such an odd hobby, but I really enjoy it. Friends look at me really strangely when there's a CO2 tank sitting in my room too, although I think the jubilant celebrations at the arrival of my KNO3, or considering taking my CO2 regulator as a prime date might've franky disturbed a few people.

Right now plants still look rather...depressing, and I'm looking to see if I can find some more cool ones online right now. I finally have my dosing regime up, and right now I'm tinkering with the bubble count on the CO2, trying to get the CO2 right. I graduate early from High School in January (have to decide what I want to do with my life too I was thinking about being a high school science teacher, but that almost requires a vow of poverty), so I'm a bit busy with school - hopefully I'll be able to attend a meeting eventually!
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Hello all,
My name is Jim. Married with a 5 year old child. I had fish tanks as a child ever since I can remember until I was about 18. Got out of them for awhile and finally got a 29 gallon from Jack's about 3 years ago. Threw in some mixed africans. You know the ones, "Anything in that tank will go together well". Nope. From there I just exploded with MTS.

Found Swoape or the beginnings of, in April of '05. Started planting tanks. Started off not wanting co2, then DIY co2, then pressurized co2. Damn you Matt. I think I enjoy the journey more than the destination. I am in a state of constant "What do I want now?" I have had a discus addiction (bad) and now am seeking to put together a beautiful planted african cichlid tank.

I love football (WHO DEY), NASCAR 8, fish, reptiles and hanging with my son. In my spare time, I decorate cakes. I am a baker in a restaurant in West Chester. I aspire to be professional pastry chef. I make a little extra money doing birthday, wedding, shower, etc. cakes.

I can haul a full 4' x 8' sheet of plywood and Matt cannot. I love to sit and talk plants and fish for hours if I could. Anyway, I guess that is about it.

Oh, and did I mention
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HI all,

my name is Allen.I had a few tanks when i was a kid growing up on the farm.Kept just about everything I could find from the creeks and streams.frogs,fish,crawfish and turtles.

Around 15 years ago I had 2 tanks.A 50g with a 15"silver arawona,15"clown knife and a 6"clown loach.A 29g with jack dempseys that breed.sold the fish a few years later and gave away the tanks.a month ago I got back the 50g.

So now I have the 50g and a 110g oceanic to setup.A 60g planted with 3.2wpg and co2.A 10g that started as an invert tank but is now planted and has tiger barb fry in it.

Last year when I setup a planted tank I didn't have a clue.And all the algae proved it.I've learned alot from everyone at SWOAPE about planted tanks.Been algae free for months now.

My other interest are nascar,fishing,camping,hunting,shooting and reloading.

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting.

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Default UkeDude (Roger) Introduction

Greetings! I'm Roger (ukedude), and I live in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati. I am setting up a 29g tank to be heavily planted for the first time. I have had a 20g and this 29g with fish and a few easy plants for several years. In my recent move to another house, I had to tear down the 29g.

My daughter and I are now working on setting up the 29g together. Our objective is a beautiful planted tank with reasonable (for planted tanks, that is) maintenance.

Having read in many places that the best sources for plants are other local hobbyists, I started searching and quickly found SWOAPE.

I have spent a great deal of time (2 months) researching, buying, and installing all the requisite upgrades to the tank. Here is my current setup:
  • 29g tank
  • XP2 filter
  • In-line 200W heater on filter return
  • 5lb CO2 bottle
  • AquariumPlants.com regulator
  • Homemade 2" PVC CO2 reactor inline with return (after heater)
    • I'm not so sure it works all that great in my tests
  • CurrentUSA CF light 1x65W

I have also decided to use PPS for fertilizing (please see my PPS log in the PPS Analysis forum) and have all the dry checmicals for solutions via GregWatson.com and Wal-Mart (K2SO4). I also have complete set of needed Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits and assorted plasticware for dosing.

The only thing I lack now is plants!.

I am hoping that fellow SWOAPE members can assist me in obtaining a solid set of startup plants with which to kick off this new tank. Since I have nothing to offer in trade (yet!), I am happy to contribute in whatever ways would be of value to the group.

My daughter is very excited to get this tank planted. I have tried to take away the complexity and cost from her so she can enjoy the plants.

I understand there is a SWOAPE meeting in October, but I don't know if my family commitments will allow me to attend (4 kids!), and I'd really like to get started right away. If there is any to work with members to find sources for plants, I would be very grateful for any assistance.

I would most appreciate the help of one or more persons who can accumulate sufficient plant stock for a 29g, then help me make the transfer at once, rather than little-by-little. I understand one of the most important beginner gotcha's is too little plant mass.

Thanks for reading
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Hi my name is Ryan, I'm 23 years old and live in NW columbus. I have had several fish tanks since I was about 10yrs old. I had my first planted tank when I was about 12 or so and maintained it for a couple years untill I had the urge to try a Marine reef tank. I played with marine for about 3years and gave it up because I was starting college and didn't have the time, money or energy to keep up with it anymore. I completely got out of the hobby for a couple years untill last winter/spring when I got the itch again and decided to start a 75gallon high light planted tank. During that time I found APC and recently joined SWOAPE.

Aside from aquaria, I'm still in college at OSU studying Civil Engineering. For the last 5years I've worked for a local engineering/architecture firm called Burgess and Niple (pronouced Nye-ple).
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