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since this was brought up, thought I'd throw out a specific question I've wondered about before:

Why are the crystal red shrimp so much more expensive than others? And what's the deal with the different grades? I know the grades are based on how much white the have (or something like that), but why is that so much more desireable? Is it simply the rareity factor there?

Anyway, I've thought those crystals are pretty neat looking, but didn't think they were pretty enough to warrent the difference in price (at least the higher grade ones). Anyone have an opinion?
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I have wondered the same thing about the prices on the crystal reds. I do think they are very nice looking shrimp. Haven't said that, if I pay $30+ for a shrimp, I want it to be served with a steak and a large baked tater!!

I would like to learn more about them though. Not only the CRS but all the different types as they are all interesting, IMO.
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The shrimp really are neat little buggers. I obtained some Cherry Red Shrimp a while back and they started reproducing quite well. Then I found some "mixed-grade" Crystal Red Shrimp. These are NOT the $30+ shrimp, but there's some white and the banding looks really cool. IF I had a small planted tank (say like a 10 gallon or so) I think a small colony of these would be cool, as the fry are really tiny and neat looking!

Now, why are some so expensive? Well, it's kinda like asking why Thoroughbred horses, show dogs, and Vintage Shelby Cobras cost so much... there's not as many, and they're a "collectors item." I believe a lot of this started in Japan where they are more sought out because in my opinion their culture is much more focused on quality and not quantity. When my shrimp have some white bands, they're not as "good" a quality (but hey, they're cute and they breed in my water, that's enough for me!). They even have the ones with little "suns" like their nation's flag...

Would I mind some.. no.. however, I fear that if I make that investment, I won't get my money back. I don't think I'd have a problem selling them for $5-6 each.. it's still a good deal, and it isn't like THAT many people have them yet. In a few years they'll probably be as common as Cherries... but they do take longer to drop fry and they grow slower too.
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