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ACB's Inexpensive Aquarium

ACB's Inexpensive Aquarium

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2 x 65 Watt Coralife fixture (APC) $30
40 pounds eco-complete @$.25/lb. ($10
20 G acrylic show tank w/ eheim 2013 pre-plumbed (sdreefs) $40
12 pounds of awesome rock @1.39/lb. (LFS) $17
20 White Clouds ("feeders")@10/$1 (LFS) $2
3 SAE's @1.89 (LFS) $6
Big crypt package (RDeki, APC) $16
Old Java Fern from aquabid auctions $10
3 bunches of glosso @1.09 ( $3
4 Olive Nerite snails @.59 (Plantdepot) $2
H. Difformis cuttings, freebies from other auctions (Free)
2 Powerhead for CO2 Diffusion/current from LFS $6
DIY Co2 setup (Free)

In the last couple of years I've learned that local forums are the absolute best way to start in this hobby. As long as you have a goal and a reasonable budget, local members will have what you need or they can get it for you. If I had put this tank together by purchasing everything retail, it would've cost quite a bit more.

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