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;) Hi! I'm new to this website, but have logged on and joined because I have a danish website about aquarium plants that I have had a lot of good tips from, so I thouht maybe I could have a look around and maybe share some good tips.:rolleyes: The picture you show shows a type of alger that is very hard to remove, and theres no fish that can eat it. What it is a sign of, is, that theres not enough co2 in the water. The more co2 you have in the water, the better the plants have it, and the worse the alger. You could try to set up a fermentation setup if the aquarium isnt so big, but if the aquarium is something like 200liters or over, then the best solution is to invest in a set up with a bottle of co2 and a diffuser. This way you can control how much co2 you have in the water, and remember, its important to keep an eye on your fish becaue if they start going up to the surface snapping after air, then theres too much co2 in the water. Plants need co2 and fish needs o2. In the daytime the plants give out oxygen, therefore theres usually enough oxygen in the water for the fish. In the night the plants use oxygen, so it could be an idea to airbubble very slightly just to make sure the fish gets enough o2.co2 is the buildning stone for strong plants, ans it is now beginning to be a popular thing to add co2 to the tank if you have a lot of plants and want a good show.;)

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