Roy's 10 Gallon Low Tech Journal

By: Seattle_Aquarist
August 20th, 2013
11:48 pm

Roy's 10 Gallon Low Tech Journal

Hi All,

This is my first journal and I thought I would try and keep it simple so I am doing it on my 10 gallon low tech planted tank that I breed Apisto's in and experiment with various plants from my emersed plant bank.

It is a pretty basic 10 gallon set-up with 2X 10 watt 6500K screw-in CFL's (PAR=25), generic 50 watt heater, Aquaclear 20 HOB filter (with 2X sponges only), black plastic background, and Safe-T-Sorb #7941 substrate; no CO2.

8/4/13 Day 1
Washed the Safe-T-Sorb #7941 in a 5 gallon bucket doing about 1/2 of the total amount used per batch. Thoroughly churned and rinsed the substrate 4 or 5 times per batch and it still came out looking like chocolate milk.

Day 1 pic

8/7/13 Day 3
Added a piece of Malaysian driftwood hardscape that has a hollow cave like area that my Apisto's seem to like spawning in. Also added some plants including Limnophila aromatica 'Wavy', Pogostemon helferi (Downoi), Pogostemon erectus, Helanthium tenellum (Echinodorus tenellus/Micro Chain Sword), Barclaya longifolia, Cuphea anagalloidea, Rotala sp 'Bengladesh', and Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Bronze'. The
Rotala sp 'Bengladesh' came from one of my isolation containers; the Pogostemon helferi and Cupia anagalloidea came from my emersed plant bank; the rest were grown submersed and came from one of my other established tanks. Yes, several of the species listed above would typically be found in a 'high tech' tank with much more light and CO2 but I wanted to see what I could do with 'low tech'.

Day 3

8/9/13 Day 5
The water is starting to show signs of clearing. I added four small Corydoras habrosus; one Otocinclus affinis; and one Siamese algae eater, (Crossocheilus oblongus or syn. Crossocheilus siamensis). Also started dosing fertilizers today. I dose EI for 6 gallons on alternate days with Seachem Comprehensive. I dose Excel strength glutaraldehyde all days.

Day 5 pic

8/12/13 Day 8
The tank is staring to show definite signs of clearing. I did a 3 gallon water change today; rinsed the filter sponges in tank water, dosed dry ferts, dosed 1X Initial Dose Excel and added a little Equilibrium, MgSO4 (Epsom Salt), CaCl (calcium chloride/Dry-Z-Air), and NaHCO3 (baking soda) to bring up my dGH and dKH.

Here are some Day 8 pics

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Tattooedfools emersed setups

By: Tattooedfool83
July 24th, 2013
9:40 pm

Tattooedfools emersed setups

This is my 10 gallon has a standard 48" t12 over it, various clippings from my submerged tanks. my micro sword Tupperware. Almost a full carpeted mass

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My planted tanks

By: nicpapa
May 28th, 2013
2:31 pm

My planted tanks

Hi there , here is all mine planted tanks and shrimps tanks ...

180 liter with estimate index and 294 watt of light.. its uncut...

and mine shrims tanks

80 liter crs and sakura rcs

and 40 liters yellow snowball and blue pearl ..

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ADA Farm

By: joshvito
April 16th, 2013
7:39 pm

ADA Farm

I decided to setup another larger tank in order to satisfy my collectoritis.

Setup details:
Tank - 48" x 13" x 18" AGA 55gallon tank
Pressurized CO2 with glass diffuser
27 L new Amazonia Aquasoil
CFS 500 canister from AquaTraders
Bacter 100
Finnex Ray 2 48" LED

I've been doing a water change every other day at this point. Ill get on with the photos.

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A productive ditch in Central Mississippi

By: HeyPK
March 23rd, 2013
8:04 am

A productive ditch in Central Mississippi

A lot of the ditches in the Jackson, Mississippi area have lost the variety of aquarium plants they used to have because they have been taken over by either a Polygonum species or Alternanthera philoxeroides Alligator weed. We have had several years with below normal rainfall which may have contributed to the loss of other species, or the species that used to be there (Ludwigia, Micranthemum etc.) are pioneer species that get replaced in a process of succession. So, I was glad to run across a new ditch that was created about a year and a half ago that has already acquired an interesting variety of plants. It was created when a bicycle path was put in last fall and the path blocked water flow from a woods creating standing water about 6 inches deep along the path. Ludwigia palustris showed up early this spring and grew with astonishing rapidity. At first I thought that Ludwigia was the only plant, but closer examination showed a number of other species. had also made it there in only one season. I found Ludwigia glandulosa, Bacopa routundifolia, Lindernia dubia, an Ammannia species, Ditch stonecrop (Penthorum sedoides), a possible Mimulus species and some Polygonium. Photos, below show all but the Polygonum.

This photo shows the extensive growth of Ludwigia palustris. There is a Ludwigia glandulosa plant in the lower right corner that I did not recognize when I took the picture.

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Gomer's return to planted tanks, tank: fast growers need not apply

By: Gomer
February 15th, 2013
7:11 pm

Gomer's return to planted tanks, tank: fast growers need not apply

Background: A few years back (2003?) I dove headfirst into planted tanks and over the years put together a few scapes. Loved it, but but interupted too many times with sequential job moves, after graduation.
A few months ago, the wife more or less said "I want you to start up a planted tank. I miss them"...who am I to say no?!

The idea : Longevity. Current trends in competition are for the moment of the photo. Most tanks aren't designed for the time before or after the photo (this could be a huge rant/debate thread, so maybe I'll bring that up elsewhere). I'm after a tank for my house and for me, not for a photo. This means planting a tank that will last, and not require constant pruning/replanting to keep it looking like a jungle. So, I'm staying away from very high light. Staying away from stems. Staying away from super fast growers. I'm also employing MTS for substrate. First time using it, and sounds like a good idea for the eventual heavy root feeding crypts.

hardware: I'm re-purposing my old Elos 70 for this tank. The elos sump isn't good for FW, so that is being replaced with a Proflex Model 1. Still working out CO2, but it will be there. Return will probably use the Eheim 1250 instead of 1260 (too much flow?). ATO will be with the original elos osmocontroller and an external tank of water (US Plastics). For lighting, I have available, a pair of Kessil Amazon Sun, but I'm going to see how a single will do. This will be med to med-low on light levels. There will be some extra shadowing with a single point source, but I'm ok with that. I had a pair of 14K kessils over the same tank before when it was a reef.

hardscape materials: Rock, sand and gravel were all collected locally. It took a good amount of rinsing to get rid of most of the organics/silt. I was first thinking of using more contrasting sand-rock, but this is truer to reality since the sand/gravel was originally the rock before weathering/time took hold. The wood is 3 pieces of manzanita, glued to a base rock with IC-Gel.

plants: I don't have any yet :P I'm currently sourcing some and should have it sorted this week. On the list are things like...
Foreground: marselia minuta, parva, petite nana,??
For-mid: wendtii green gecko, petchii, willisii (nervelii?), lucens, ??
Mid: mid-back: affinis, nurii, ??
Back: retro spiralis, spiralis, crispatula, ??
All of this is dependent on what I can come across and what I get inspired by.

(I live in NM, and if I only added a few sparse plants, and a few tumble weeds, then we have ourself a local NA style tank :P)

(1) clean out most of the old reef junk (note, parts of overlow are removed. There won't be a big hole for fish to get sucked into!). Single Kessil mounted. Wire needs routing and painting for SAF. (Note to others making their own kessil mount... the Kessil Goosneck has M10x1 threading). I could have attached the kessel+gooseneck directly to the tank, but I wanted more height. The back alcove (I forget what it is actually called) will probably have other plants that don't need a lot of attention.

(2) Sand/gravel perimeter, with dolomite/murate of potash base in center

(3) Add MTS and cover with sand/gravel. The MTS was higher in organics than I like and didn't hold the clay (the red in the liquid on top) super well. We'll see how it goes. I personally think the soil is only half way through the mineralization process. Probably just means more water changes at first, but not as bad as if I went the classic Walstad topsoil method.

(4) Here is the joining of the wood on a rock base (which sits on the rock shown in the earlier photos). The rock is to also keep things from floating up.

(5) Dump in base sand/gravel to fully cover MTS

(6) figure out what rocks I want to use (I collected way more than I needed. Better to have options. This is not a rockscape, so I wanted to use rocks that add to the overall feel and not overly dominate.

(7) rocks/rubble added.

(8 ) this is it for now. I'll post more when I have plants

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DogFish's 40

By: DogFish2.0
February 2nd, 2013
2:51 pm

DogFish's 40

YouTube Video
If you are able to see this message it means that you don't have flash installed or that the video server is down.

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More Flowers & Fruit (Now with Bonus Greenhouse Fun!)

By: asukawashere
December 2nd, 2012
6:03 pm

More Flowers & Fruit (Now with Bonus Greenhouse Fun!)

Just wanted to share some of my recent progress in the way of flowers with everybody:

Limnophila sp. 'Vietnam'


Side View:

Staurogyne sp. 'Bihar'
The whole plant:


and Fruit!

(tried to use the backlighting to candle the pod, so we can see a bit of what's inside...)

Will post more as things continue to bloom.

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[86l] Mountain Peak

By: Thorn
November 8th, 2012
6:28 pm

[86l] Mountain Peak

Tank : 60x40x36 OptiWhite

Light : HQI 70W Philips 6500K next week ADA HQI 150W Green

Substrate : 2xADA Amazonia New, 2L Power Sand S, Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear super, Penac W, Penac P zakupy w

Filtering : Eheim 2217 + ADA Bio Rio + ADA NA Carbon + ADA Palm Net

Stone : 20-25kg Gray Stone

Fertilization : Co2, all ADA

Flora : Hemiantus callitricoides cuba, Staurogyne Respan, Eleocharis parvula, Utricularia gramminifolia, Hydrocotyle Sp. Japan

Fauna : comming soon

Now we just have to wait until the increase in mass of a plant that is 4-8 weeks. And when it comes to dry off, I will try to express why I decided to explain. Low weight of plants, algae-rich substrate = 100% and so peacefully without algae and surprises start
sorry my english is bad

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Don's Square 200 Gallon--Part Thrice!

By: DonaldmBoyer
October 6th, 2012
9:53 am

Don's Square 200 Gallon--Part Thrice!

Just finished up with the move from old rental property to new home. Life sure has been hectic lately!

So, the Journal starts over, and as much as I hated to tear down the tank from this:

and this:


and this:

.....but it had to be done. To re-set and try to go with the same aesthetic would have been uncreative and boorish. Everything was sold or given away. Many thanks to Tlyons01 who spent a "fun" afternoon tearing the tank down with me. It only took about 7 hours.

Prior to that, the outside of the stand/pedestal was removed. It was made of 2x4's: very solid construction, but the outside was made of pressboard. A terrible choice, in retrospect, for obvious reasons. It had been warped and bubbled, and was a total eyesore. So, I stripped it down and threw it out.

Here are a few pics of the new pedestal:

That is red oak stained with walnut with iron hinges and knobs. We're going for more of a "rustic" old-fashioned look for the sitting room, and I thought that this would look nice. Eventually, the pendant above the tank will be redone either in black, or it will be done to match the pedestal. Probably happen in January. In the new design, I added side doors in order to make accessing the equipment in the back easier to do. It has been triple coated in poly on all sides to ensure water resistance, and almost "water proofing."

The day following the drain and dis-assembly, we moved the tank, lighting, and new pedestal to the new house. This was all done within two hours, which was faster than I had anticipated. The move went flawlessly, and I was ready to re-start the scape. So....

IN went custom made Manzanita branches that came from hydrophyte (from TPT), plain kitty litter (about 30lbs), and that was topped by MTS made by DogFish2.0. The Manzy branches are semi-poseable that will allow me to move the "joints" as needed in order to access equipment with relative ease, or to alter the hardscape as desired. You will notice screws in some of the future pictures; these are the "joints" I refer to....just a simple screw and nut assembly. Hydrophyte did do a marvelous job cutting the ends of the branches into simple fittings through which the screw passes through and is held on the other side by the nut.

DogFish sent six large Flat Rate boxes of MTS to me months ago, and makes about a two inch layer in my tank. Wonderful stuff!:

Sprinkled on the potash, pressed it into the MTS, and then topped that with some of my old tank's substrate. Added the Seriyu stone and other stone into the tank, and now this is how it looked:

Three rock "peninsulas" are featured in this set up for bucephelandra, anubia, and java fern species; the substrate will feature mostly crypts.

More pictures tomorrow!!

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