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  1. El Natural
    So I’ve had a few aquariums in the past but never a planted one. I like the idea of doing a very low maintains aquarium and have been reading up on the Walstad method among others. I was hoping to get some input into my design thus far by those with more experience than me? I have a 10 gallon...
  2. Nano Aquariums
    What's the correct length of time for a 10 gallon planted tanks light to be on or off? How much red light blue light? I have all 3 in one hood cause I frankensteined some leds from another hood.and I also have about 50watts of red light,2 25w bulbs seems a bit excessive.I would like my plants to...
  3. For Sale or Trade
    I have a 40w Current Satellite for sale. Everything is in perfect working order. It was used previously for a brief period but I upgraded to an 80w light. $25 + Shipping Great beginner light for a 10 gal low-medium light tank. Is 20" long so fits perfectly over a 10gal. Takes square pin...
  4. All My Tanks.

    10 Gallon Anti-Algae Repulsion Tank. More Details At:
1-5 of 5 Results