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5 gallon
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  1. Shrimp & other Invertebrates
    Hi, I'm quite new to the hobby but like it a lot. I was given a 20L/5.3gal tank and with my limited knowledge at the time, it didn't go well. Now I have started all over again and made an in my opinion nice aquascape and am waiting to plant it. I want to put blue dream shrimp in it but also kind...
  2. El Natural
    Hi everybody!:D I am completely new to fish keeping, and my mom says that I can get a betta fish at the end of the school year. I don't have any stuff yet, so all of it is open to change. Because I am going to boarding school next year, I am putting my betta in a 5-gallon tank, because it will...
1-2 of 2 Results