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  1. Dallas Ft Worth Aquatic Plant Club
    Local pick up only. 300 dollars - or best offer. I don't think mine is the "ultra high clarity" - but you get the exact dimensions here:
  2. Journals
    Greetings fellow scapers. It`s been a while since my last journal. It was 125g tank which is empty for about two years now - I have to get a new room - so forced to abandon it. And decided to shift into the smaller dimensions - main reason was the size of the stones - you have to get really big...
  3. Aquascaping
    Just thought I would share a photo of my last scape in my 90p. It was taken down a couple months ago for a move. A new scape will be going into it hopefully this weekend or next week sometime. I will try to share a journal of its progress. Tank Specs for those interested. Tank Size...
1-3 of 3 Results