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  1. New to Planted Aquariums
    Great to meet this community. I'm returning to the hobby and have been heavily influenced by Diana Walsad's book*. I'm looking to establish a new 75 gallon tank but had two key questions: 1. In the book, she doesn't advocate for a bio-filter, but does recommend a UV and mechanical filter. Anyone...
  2. El Natural
    Hello! I was recently looking to start up a small natural low-tech tank and through hours of research, ended up here! I read through a lot of various sites but am wanting to make sure I start up my tank right. My end goal is to raise some catfish and snails and maybe a few tetras in a cheap &...
  3. El Natural
    So I’ve had a few aquariums in the past but never a planted one. I like the idea of doing a very low maintains aquarium and have been reading up on the Walstad method among others. I was hoping to get some input into my design thus far by those with more experience than me? I have a 10 gallon...
1-3 of 3 Results