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  1. El Natural
    RE: Update on 1 1/2 year tank Hello all, I was told to come here with further questions since Diana is very busy and cannot answer every question I may have, I am going to start off with what I wrote to Diana. "I was having trouble at home and had to move in somewhere else, so I wasn't able to...
  2. Photography
    Have just decorated a tank with a bonsai driftwood. What do you think ? :p
  3. Paludariums
    Hello! I'm having a few problems deciding on some things for the paludarium that I'll be starting eventually. I'm in the planning stages now, so anything could change. Some background: I have had a planted aquarium for over a year now, and it has gotten somewhat difficult to manage due to the...
  4. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Does anyone know of any local clubs or websites for people in the Contra Costa County who want to trade/buy plants and fish?
  5. Large Aquariums and Ponds
    Hey people, I thought that after I've presented myself in the "get to know each-other" section, I could fit myself here, adding my experience thoughts and help to this thread. So let me start with my actual tank: WHITE BELLY (when tetras "fly" over the white sand the get this white belly that...
  6. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Greetings everyone! My name is Everett, I'm very pleased to finally be at a point where I feel like I can announce my new startup: Alive and Modern The quick version: I'm creating a startup to bring my own aquarium and living wall designs to your desktop. Everything is hand crafted, I do all of...
  7. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    hi everyone i recently got an anubia, and from what ive read, they tend to grow faster when grown emersed. ive got a 20gal tank and saw that by strapping it to a tall stone i can have it emersed. would this be a good way to do it? and if so, what sort of attention would it need? thanks here...
  8. El Natural
    Hello everybody! So I am starting a new project. So far this is my "plan". Havn't bought anything yet, so first i would like some opinions. This is my first time exploring into a self-sustaining aquarium, and i don't understand it fully yet. Tank: 20 gal Substrate: Eco-Complete Plant Substrate...
  9. Fertilizing
    So I've been struggling over a couple questions I have about what are some proper levels for different nutrient specifically Ca and Mg. I've been reading that levels of Ca in a planted tank should be around 30ppm. Is this correct? I've also read that a GH of around 100ppm is ideal. Wouldn't...
  10. Aquascaping
    hey just finished my 10g i first had set it up like 4 months ago when i first got into the hobby but now since i got more into aquascaping and have some more knowledge about planted tanks i really wanted to redo my 10g because i knew i could do a better job. here is before and after Before After
  11. Aquascaping
    This is a neeeew 6g tank I just set up recently. The Lighting as mentioned are LEDs and was a DIY project and very easy to complete after I'd read up on the method on various reefing forums. These lights are still a little uncommon among freshwater but I can tell you that so far the ripple...
  12. Aquascaping
    Hi, I just wanted to share my tanks last design. I had only HC Cuba for past 5-6 weeks, as the Tropica import was made to Turkey a few days ago, I just bought some new plants. Equipment: 1.1 W/Litres lightinh (grolux-aquastar bulbs) Tetratec Ex600 external filter 5kg+2kg pressurized CO2...
  13. Limnophilia Aromatic

    Limnophilia Aromatic

  14. My 65 Gal Planted Tank

    My 65 Gal Planted Tank

  15. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    Hello everyone, I just got a bunch of Fish from a friend, and I wanted to know if someone could identify this fish for me. Also, Here is my current tank setup, anyone have any tips? PH is 7.6 - Nitrate is 0 Ammonia is 0. I just got my test kit, and still have to do GH and KH. 1x 20 gallon...
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