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  1. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    Hello everyone, I just got a bunch of Fish from a friend, and I wanted to know if someone could identify this fish for me. Also, Here is my current tank setup, anyone have any tips? PH is 7.6 - Nitrate is 0 Ammonia is 0. I just got my test kit, and still have to do GH and KH. 1x 20 gallon...
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  8. Aquascaping
    Hey guys i'm new to aquascaping and have a few questions. Any answers are appreciated :) 1. Is it possible to make driftwood using the stump and roots of a small tree or would it be to had to clean? 2. I have a 55g aquarium with 2x 150w(equivalent) compact fluorescent 5000k bulbs with a DIY...
  9. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    hello fellow fish keepers, Giovanni Carlo P Bagayas here, I am in fish keeping since I was kid, I noticed that fishes in our place are slowly gone in our river so I thought of making a campaign in preservation of their species kindly checkout my facebook fanpage and click the like button to...
  10. Crystal Red Shrimp White Worm

    This is a really pretty one. Its leg is red and white color.
  11. Crystal Red Shrimp Panda Shrimp

    This Panda shrimp is taiwan blood line, with amazing and stunning coloration.
21-31 of 31 Results