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  1. El Natural
    Hey everyone! As many others did, I got here thanks to Foo the Flowerhorn's videos. Since I was a kid I've always wanted to set up a tank and the simplicity and natural look of this method pushed me to finally try. Right now I'm in the process of Soak-And-Draining the soil, waiting to start...
  2. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    Hello! First post here, newbie looking for advice :) My betta is dealing with fin rot. I have added aquarium salt (sera ectopur) to the tank according to the instructions on the box, 1teaspoon per 25lt (6,6 US gal). This concentration does not seem to harm the other livestock so far (3days...
  3. Algae
    Hello, Everyone! I'm relatively new to the hobby and currently battling some issues with algae in my 3 gallon planted betta aquarium that I set about 2-3 months ago. I've tried identifying the species of algae, but I haven't found anything that matches 100% to what I'm dealing with. The closest...
  4. El Natural
    I've researched the method pretty thoroughly and am almost ready to start setting up my tank. It will be a 10g betta sorority tank (5 fish). I have two questions that I've seen conflicting info on. First, water movement? Betta do not like a lot of movement. How do I balance this with...
  5. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    i bought a betta fish about four months ago, somewhere around a month ago i noticed something white growing on its sides and went to my local aquarium, the only thing they gave me was some liquid potassium permanganate but that didnt seem to help. a couple of weeks ago i went to a different...
  6. Aquascaping
    Hi All, After a couple years away from the hobby I'm looking to get back in to planted aquariums and I'm greatly impressed by the wabi kusa set-ups I've been seeing around. Steven Chong's thread on this site is a great example. I aslo LOVE this one: Any insight on the size of this tank...
  7. Introductions and Greets
    On a whim, I bought a betta 2 years ago. I went from bowl to tank to bigger tank. I really want to try a Natural Planted tank, Walstad style. I can't wait to start!!!
  8. Nano Aquariums
    I am wanting to start a planted tank in the 2.5gal setup I have for my betta, but am unsure of lighting. I spoke to one of the plant guys at my LFS, and he told me fluval pcl13 would be the best bet for the 2.5g, but I am a college student and am trying to save as much money with this setup as I...
  9. Introductions and Greets
    hi, i have two pico natural tanks in my apartment. the 2.5g is more heavily planted. By way of introduction, here is my current situation: i discovered this site too late to prepare the tanks for adequate substrate for planting. so i only had general aquarium gravel, mixed with ammo chips. i...
  10. Ugly Betta

    Ugly face, beautiful body.
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  14. fish8

1-15 of 15 Results