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  1. Shrimp & other Invertebrates
    Hello APC! I am interested in the idea of setting up a live food source for my aquariums - but I'm honestly not sure where to start. I've done some research, and keep seeing recommendations for Brine Shrimp, however there are a few things I have read about that largely seem like downsides, but...
  2. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    In Nov 2019, I posted a revision of my brine shrimp article on the aquarium page of my website. It contains new material on hatching dishes, decapsulated eggs, and several comparisons of nauplii as a food source. (Interestingly, decapsulated eggs fed directly did very well in these studies...
  3. El Natural
    I just completed an 8-page article on hatching and raising brine shrimp for 3-4 days. These juvenile shrimp are larger and more nutritious than newly hatched brine shrimp. Article, which has new information and new ideas, is available on the aquarium page of my website at...
1-3 of 3 Results