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  1. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hello, should I trim the bucephalandra leaf that looks unhealthy in the attached photos or leave it alone? It was planted about a week ago, so could it be transitioning to submerged state? Does this change based on if a plant has the ribosome exposed VS. planted in soil?
  2. Plant ID
    Hi, The LFS sold me a plant claiming as bucephalandra. It actual looked like bucephalandra when it was in the plastic pot. After removing the plant from the pot it looks like some kind of crypt. I am not sure what plant this is and could not determine how to plant this. Please help me identify...
  3. Buce Plant
    Snapped some photos of some our bucephalandra recently. If you guys haven't caught buce fever yet, looking at these pics might give you symptoms! Symptoms include, trying to collect every named buce variety in existence, hopping on every buce sale online, and changing you existing tank into a...
  4. Buce Plant
    Hi all, I hope everyone has already subscribed to our Buceletter as we have had a couple of great sales go on the last few days. Don't fret if you haven't though! Right now we have a couple great deals going on that will go all the way into next Monday! If you're interested in Ultum Nature...
  5. Buce Plant
    Hi all, We just got done with some PAR meter testing on the tanks we have with bucephalandra. The findings were very surprising tbh. We didn't know just how little light some of our buce was getting! Thats good news for the low-tech people though. Bucephalandra thrive in almost any lighting...
  6. Buce Plant
    In celebration of our restock, we're doing our first RAOK!! Rules to play: Kindly put your name on a running list: 1) 2) 3) We'll be randomly selecting 2 lucky winners on 4/19 - Shipping out on 4/20! (Winners will be paying $3 for shipping) TWO LUCKY WINNERS will receive 2 generous...
  7. Nano Aquariums
    wanted to play around with the theme of light and dark for this next piece. so i selected plants that would create an intense dark green background along with other plants that would "pop". so far i am pleased with the effect, but time will tell once when everything starts to grow in full force...
1-7 of 8 Results