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  1. DIY Aquarium Projects
    I was looking at this setup Niko posted , and would like to plan for it in my new fish room. I want to drill overflows on my tanks for easier water changing, not necessarily for sumps. Is it better to drill a tank on the side or the bottom? Is there a step by step guide somewhere on these...
  2. Bulkhead 1/2"

    For the reactor intake. These bulkheads are made for electrical conduit and have spiral threads.
  3. Bulkead 1/2" curved

    For the reactor outflow. The curve helps reduce the kink of the hose returning water to the tank.
  4. Dressing the holes

    The two holes need to be dressed using a small size grinding wheel.
  5. Bulkhead in place

    The bulkhead threaded part fits in the smaller of the 2 holes in the lid.
  6. Bulkhead barb

    The inlet bulhead, its barb, and the bigger of the two holes in the acrylic lid.
1-6 of 6 Results