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  1. New to Planted Aquariums
    Hi there, A few days ago I installed external diffuser JBL Proflora Direct. On the manufacturers website, this product is described in superlatives "Finest atomization of the CO2". OK then I bought it… During installation i found on the inner side of the package a notice, that "it takes...
  2. Large Aquariums and Ponds
    I was cycling my 130 gallon, soon to be discus tank. Plants were thriving with CO2 via ADA pollen diffuser and with all the ADA products. Lights and CO2 were on 12 hours per and on a timer. Had added 6 corydoras trilineatus and 4 Plecos who were happy and Corys had begun spawning. I was waiting...
  3. Equipment
    I live in the UK. Just bought one of these and I'm very impressed. It's a small unobtrusive unit. Bought this as I have a Fluval 405 system and was using another type of inline diffuser but had some scares with the tubing coming lose and water leaking. Have to say this is the best I've come...
1-3 of 3 Results