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  1. Cryptocorynes
    Hi APC folks, I am a newb to this forum and really appreciate all the amazing knowledge that is shared through this community. I have been playing with plants (both aquatic and terrestrial) for at least a decade now but have only been in the hobby for a couple of years. Anyways, I love the...
  2. For Sale or Trade
    50 Cherry Shrimp for $50 shipped with moss and kordon bag. add $2 if you need heat pack. Crypt Hudoroi $10 each, if you want multiples I can negotiate. If you feel real froggy I am willing to sell the whole mat at a wholesale price. Years of growth! Bronze Crypts $2 each, also willing to...
  3. For Sale or Trade
    Hello All, Brass 12 port manifold with 10 plugs and 10 hose barbs and 20 o-rings $30 Riccia 7x7 large piece $15 Water Lettuce $2 sandwich bag full Crypt Hudoroi $20 each buy 5 or more $15 around 10 available. They are super healthy long root systems have been growing for about 2yrs...
  4. Cryptocorynes
    I have had my 7.5 gal cube up and running since early July. Lighting is the 10 bulb LED solar flare mini. The livestock is 10 adult blue velvet shrimp + babies. Since the initial planting everything seems to have been growing very well up until about a week ago. About a week ago my crypts...
  5. For Sale or Trade
    I am selling off a bunch of my crypts. C. bullosa (pick location unknown) -- $75 large plant, $60 medium sized plant. I originally posted about locating this crypt's origins in a previous post found here. This crypt is showing some amazing colors in reds, browns, and greens. WYSIWYG! photo...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    Huge Mat of Bronze Crypt! Very Colorful! Little bit of Green spot on a few leafs but nothing thick or that can be taken care of. I wont be able to keep it long its in a bucket and ready to be shipped ASAP! ONLY $25 for all! Over 12"+ Whole Left Side of this Tank Shot at 2012-08-01 Shot at...
  7. Crypt Ball

    crypt in moss ball
  8. Crypt Corner

  9. C. wendtii 'chameleon'

    a variety produced by Oriental Aquarium quite close their 'green gecko' variety.
  10. Crypt

  11. 13. Crypt

  12. 75 Gallon

    My 75 gallon tank - set up for about 8 months now.
  13. crypt 03?

1-15 of 15 Results