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  1. Substrates
    How deep soil layer can I use for my 7 gallon walstad tank? Most sources recommend atleast 1 inch which is 2.5cm. Can I use 1.75cm?
  2. El Natural
    So this is going to be my first time doing a dirted tank and I read in Walstad’s book that you should do an inch of soil and 0.5-0.75 inch of cap. What I’m wondering is could i add some lava rock or something to increase the depth at the back? Or would i get anaerobic pockets? Thanks for your...
  3. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Hello, I am new to the 'dirted' aquarium scene but I have done two weeks of research. I used an inch of organic non fertilized dirt and I capped with an inch of sand on a twenty gallon high aquarium. I am running diy co2 I have 200 gph filtration with a tetra whisper 60 air pump. I used cycled...
1-3 of 3 Results