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  1. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hey everyone! I having been battling with myself on what is the correct thing to do. I have. 125 gallon discus planted tank with some other fish that go well with discus in it. Also have a 40 gallon goldfish tank. I have been using strait RODI water in it. The first fill was with strait tap...
  2. Club/Societies Announcements
    Tropical Fish Club of Erie County is hosting its inaugural swap meet this July 18 2015. A four hour swap meet will be followed by two speakers: Eric Bodrock | All Oddball Aquatics - "Spawning Oddball Fish" Gabe Posada | Jack Wattley Discus - "For the Love of Discus" For more information...
  3. El Natural
    I've removed a lot of plants because they just became so big and hard to manage. I'm thinking about adding 6 Discus, but not sure. I've read/saw another guy actually do it in a Walstad tank with no problems at all. He even said he didn't do any water changes except top off. Edit: Here are the...
  4. Introductions and Greets
    I would like to just like to introduce my self to everyone. I have been in this hobby for a little over a year and I would like to get your input on how i could improve my tank. Currently it is a 75 gallon, but i have plant to have a 220 next summer. Here is a link of the current set up. Let...
  5. New to Planted Aquariums
    Hello everyone, I just want to share my 30 gallon, low light, low tech tank. I have a driftwood, small Philippine fern and a anubias petite. I have 2 discus and 5 mollies. I will soon add plecos or otocinclus to keep the tank clean. I won't be adding substrate, just some plants on the...
  6. New to Planted Aquariums
    I just want to share my new tank. I have a small Philippine fern and a anubias petite. I have 2 discus and 5 mollies. I will soon add plecos or otocinclus to keep the tank clean. This will be a low light, low tech. I won't be adding substrate, just some plants on the driftwood.
  7. New to Planted Aquariums
    Just joined the forum and am excited to see so many hobbyists. I have ordered a 135g plexi tank which I should be receiving in six weeks or so. I am very interested in planning the setup for plants and driftwood. I would like to connect with someone here who can help me with the selection of...
  8. El Natural
    Ever since making the switch to El Natural, I have had happier and healthier fish, but a harder time acclimatizing new fish. I used to buy new fish and leave them in the bag floating in the tank for ~45 minutes and dump. This usualy results in death now, somewhat depending on the species...
  9. Connecticut Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
    I have 6 discus for sale. Five of them are full size and one of them is midsize. Two of the six are a set pair have laid eggs in the past. Drop me a line if you are interested. The full size goes for $130 in stores. Here are some pictures...
  10. All Together

    When I enter the room all the discus, and clowns looking to get fed.
  11. Banjo Catfish

    I actually had to "pose" these guys because they hardly come out.
  12. Discus

    Several of my discus
  13. Overall Of My 225 Gal Discus & Planted Tank

    225 gallon behind a slate wall. Housing several discus, other fish, and plants.
  14. Fully Star 10 months old

    Breed by Barry Ng
  15. Hans Discus 1

  16. Mark and DiscusHans

    Hans is in red shirt; Mark in green shirt. Hans is representing Stendker-German Discus in USA; sells wholesale unless he's at a fish show. This was PVAS Fish Festival in Maryland, October 2005
  17. 9-5-05 Discus Closeup

    The 1000K/ 8000K lighting really brings out the Blues in this fish
  18. 9-5-05 Full shot

    Photo taken 9-5-05. Discus swimming in Harmony.
1-20 of 20 Results