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  1. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    Hello! I've been in quite a strange situation with my aquarium. For the last few months some kind of bacterial disease has reared its head and has been picking off my cories one at a time. However, my one honey gourami (in the same tank) has had no signs of illness whatsoever. I have no idea...
  2. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hello all! I plan on setting up a nice 90p tank in the near future. I currently a much small tank that I use as a "green house" for the larger tank coming. I am growing all types of ferns ranging from the classic Java, Trident and even some Bolbitis African Fern. I have always been attracted...
  3. Plant Deficiencies
    This tank is a Fluval Edge 6 Gallon with 18Watts of lighting (overkill I know), I have sufficient nutrients and CO2 injected @1BPS. The plants in the tank were doing fine until recently. I don't know if dosing PPS:Pro liquid ferts did anything, or if its a parasite, but its killing all of my...
1-3 of 3 Results