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  1. El Natural
    Hello all, I'm getting back into the hobby with a new project, and need advice on lighting. The setup: 40 Breeder tank, going to be a Walstad low-tech planted, no filter/no ferts/no CO2 (I'm another willing victim of Foo The Flowerhorn...) I have bought & read Ms. W's excellent book. It will...
  2. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    In terms of watts what is a good wattage to shoot for a 70gal tank with DIY LEDs so it can be a high light tank? I would think 3w per gallon would be over kill, i do have a PAR meter. Im jus trying to get a ball park figure on what others r running. I have a couple drivers 2-50w an about 3-30w...
  3. Nano Aquariums
    I am wanting to start a planted tank in the 2.5gal setup I have for my betta, but am unsure of lighting. I spoke to one of the plant guys at my LFS, and he told me fluval pcl13 would be the best bet for the 2.5g, but I am a college student and am trying to save as much money with this setup as I...
1-4 of 4 Results