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  1. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Hi All, I have been playing with this idea for about three months, and am now using prototypes in actual use. I don't want to publish something like this on Thingiverse without some sort of peer review. So my first question is: Is there any interest in a heavy duty CO2 diffuser anyone can...
  2. DIY Aquarium Projects
    DIY tabs from river clay question & driftwood sanitizing method Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had experience using clay from a natural source to make root tabs? I was also wondering if anyone could verify that boiled driftwood still releases nutrients (that they are not lost in the boil...
  3. Filtration
    Does the Fluval 88g co2 work well? Or is it junk i have heard mixed reviews..... input would be awesome and so appreciated!! I own a 25 gallon aquarium with 3 Moneyworts, 1 Amazon Sword, 1 Anubia and some fire moss and use Seachems Flourish Excel.......
  4. Equipment
    Hey! I was looking into doing some DIY metal Filter Pipes (similar to these), and I was wondering if anyone had any experience? I have a friend that works at a certain large home improvement store that's helping me gather the parts and connectors needed to make these. First: Let me explain why...
  5. Fertilizing
    Do you make solutions that last several years, a year or just several months? I guess macronutrients will last longer than micronutrients because of the iron/metal chelators. I'm in the process of making my own KNO3, KH2PO4 and CSM+B solutions, so I'd like to calculate the concentration based...
  6. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Hello! Will right off the bat say I am new to using forums in general, so if I do something which is against the forum rules or general conduct/manners, please let me know! Now for the fun stuff, I have a Paludarium which is a few months old and am looking to re-build it. Almost all of the...
  7. DIY Aquarium Projects
    I picked up a 55 gallon cube yesterday and built a stand for it. I ordered some LED lighting for the tank from rapid led. I got 14 cool white and 6 royal blue solderless LED's, 2 dimmable drivers, two controls, 1 for each color to control the intensity of the light, and a 6x20 heat sink. I am...
  8. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Hello All! As the title suggests i am planing on building an acrylic stand, similar to a book shelf to support 3, 70 to 120 liter aquariums! I have personally little experience in working with acrylics but did some stand builds before one of which can be found here. I am hoping if any of you...
  9. DIY Aquarium Projects
    This is my first background project. I've done a lot of research, and watched a lot of youtube videos. The most inspiring and coolest has to be the 200 gallon done by "gilles" on this site I've incorporated a few designs...
  10. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Posting this cause I'm very happy with it ... and it was cheap! This is the container I used ... $3 on clearance at Walmart. $5 regular. Has a screw on lid with o-ring seal. Sediment Filter $1 Dollar Tree Fine Sediment Filter $1 (Garage Sale) Regular $7 to $8 for a big bag Bio Filter and...
  11. Lighting
    MY FIRST LED EXPERIENCE I appreciated the recent threads on LED lighting by Kevin Jones, Maichel, and others. My thread is a bit different in tone and is meant as a log of my experience with enough detail to help other folks who might be in the same boat as I was. It should be very apparent to...
  12. Plant Physiology & Emersed Culture
    Greetings everyone! Real green(!?!?) newbe here. This seems to be very exciting stuff, growing aquatic plants emersed. Beautiful results posted. Thank you! I've never done this and I would greatly appreciate some wise counsel. 1. What substrate issues are there? Would top soil work for most...
  13. Picture 030 C

  14. Picture 031 C

  15. Picture 029 C

  16. Picture 027 Comp

    Covering the 2x4 with poplar with fluting routed, side view
  17. Picture 024 Comp

    Covering the 2x4 with poplar, side view
  18. Picture 026 Comp

    Covering the 2x4 with poplar, front view
  19. Picture 021 Comp

    Roughing in the sides and bottom shelf
  20. Picture 020 Comp

    Raw stand of 2x4, side view
1-20 of 22 Results