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  1. New to Planted Aquariums
    Hi all. If anyone could provide me some advice on my current dry start tank it would be much appreciated. This is only the second scape I have ever attempted and I am starting to get worried. I am 6 weeks into a dry start and luckily I have had no mold issues and only light algae growth. It’s...
  2. El Natural
    Thought I'd start a little journal for a new tank, I just set up a 16"D Walstad bowl in a dry start. Lots of dwarf hairgrass from my other tank along with a dwarf sag and a couple ludwigia super red cuttings. Added 4 crypt lucens and a narrow leaf chain the next day (that already has a few...
  3. El Natural
    Hello! I'm new here, and new to NPT though years ago I decided to keep tanks very naturally and it worked ok for years. Now I want to get back into the hobby and have found abot NPTs :) Back then I had different size tanks, with soil and heaters (no filters or pumps at all). I have bought...
1-3 of 3 Results