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  1. For Sale or Trade
    This is a new CO2 system. Regulator is a Concoa 312. Solenoid is a stainless steel Burkert 0200 A. Metering valve is a low flow Swagelok S Series. Price is $345 + $25 shipping & packaging.
  2. For Sale or Trade
    I have a Victor HPT500 dual stage CO2 system for sale. It's fully tested and 100% leak free. Regulator: Victor HPT500 dual stage Solenoid: SMC stainless steel solenoid Metering Valve: Swagelok M series with vernier handle Check Valve: SMC stainless steel check valve Price is $310 + $25...
  3. For Sale or Trade
    I am slowly going through my equipment hoard and getting rid of things that I wont be using any time soon. I have for sale three brand new GO CYL-20 series brand dual stage pressure regulators. These are top of the line and are made from 316 stainless steel and not nickle plated brass. One of...
1-3 of 3 Results