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  1. El Natural
    will this soil work for walstad tank? HI folks. First time posting! I'm still new to the hobby (started 1/19 with planted tanks) and I love them. I want to try a walstad tank and have been working on getting through her book. I just got a new 54 gallon corner aquarium. So. Soil. I was able...
  2. El Natural
    Hello everybody, I am new, new, new. I have been wanting an aquarium for a long time, but I leave for the entire Summer, and an odd week here or there, so, I owe nothing that is purposely alive. I even had to give my nano cactus to a friend last Summer. But I have been wanting to have an...
  3. El Natural
    I'm trying to decide on lighting for my 6.5 gallon long (9 inches deep). Using CFL bulbs seems like a no-brainer for such a shallow tank. I'm only hesitating because I plan to use Indian Almond Leaves, which will add tannins in the water - not an extremely dark tea color but something more...
  4. El Natural
    Can you use Aquasoil as the substrate in an El Natural tank instead of soil, and still have the all same benefits as you would with soil? Or is the soil one of the key things in an El Natural tank? Any answer is welcome! :D
  5. El Natural
    Hello everyone! Greeting from Miami. I have been reading about El Natural for a while and finally decided to setup my first tank. (Christmas Bonus certainly helped :) ) I am gathering all the materials and so far i have the following: A 24w x 12d x 18h tank Ray 2 7000k LED light Eheim 2211...
  6. El Natural
    I'm doing my first Walstad-style tank and I just put it together today! I'm not really going for style points or a pretty aquascape, I'm just trying to see if I can make this whole ecological experiment work and hoping to have a little personal eyecandy inside my drab little bedroom/office. So...
  7. El Natural
    Hey! I've done a few NPTs over the years, but always used gravel as the cap. This time around, I want to try some coarse sand, just because I love how it looks. In plain sand tanks I've often kept MTS to stir it up. I know that snails in general help break things down faster in an NPT. Are...
  8. El Natural
    After stalking the forums for a week or so, I've decided on a quasi- El Natural method planted aquarium. I'd like to eventually have a school of White Cloud Mountain Minnows in the aquarium and so I'll be working with an unheated 30 gallon (long) tank. If I want something that can handle lower...
  9. El Natural
    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while. I've been keeping fish off and on for 20+ years, but recently decided to get more into planted aquariums. I bought Diana's book and have read most of it. OK, on to the question. I ordered an All Glass triple tube T8...
  10. El Natural
    It's been a long while since I last posted. My original plan was to do El Natural for a goldfish tank but the buggers just kept pulling everything out. Oh well. Advance a couple of years and now I want to do a small (2.5 - 5 gallon) tank for a betta at work. I purchased a small bag of...
  11. Substrates
    Black basalt sand is cheap in Hawaii but in a jar of 50/50 sand to RO water (7.0 initial pH) it raises the ph to 8.5. I am doing a high-tech tank with mineralized soil (my initial soil pH is 7.5). I would like to have pH in the range of 6.5-7.5 and am concerned about the sand. Thoughts? Not...
  12. El Natural - 5.5 Gallon Tank Pict 1

    El Natural - 5.5 Gallon Tank Pict 1

    5.5 gallon El Natural tank. Soil underlayer, pool filter sand top layer.
  13. El Natural - 10 Gallon "danio" Tank Pict 2

    El Natural - 10 Gallon "danio" Tank Pict 2

    10 gallon El Natural tank picture 2. Soil underlayer, pool filter sand top layer. Danio sp. 'Burma', javanese rice fish
  14. El Natural - 10 Gallon "danio" Tank Pict 1

    El Natural - 10 Gallon "danio" Tank Pict 1

    10 gallon El Natural tank. Soil underlayer, pool filter sand top layer. Danio sp. 'Burma', javanese rice fish.