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  1. Fertilizing
    Hello Everyone, A couple of months ago i moved to a new location away from my hometown. After setting up my tank i see some plants are significantly uncomfortable so i decided to check my water parameters. I am using ground water and its literally a solution of CONCRETE..! 100 Gallon tank ~420...
  2. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hello all, Great site! :hail: I am planning to have some Water Lettuce, Amazon Frogbit and Hyrdrocotyle leucocephala (left floating, at most tied to driftwood) in a 24 gallon softwater tank. The will be under natural indirect sunlight. Currently I have Anubias coffeefolia, common Java Fern...
  3. Algae
    Hello mates, this is my first post! :) Really wanted this to be my second post because I wanted to do one about the assembly of my planted project on which turns this same query. But I'm still working on it in detail and with many pictures, I promise to post it when it's ready. At the moment...
1-3 of 3 Results