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  1. El Natural
    I recently started a 5 gallon dirted tank. I originally started it with Fluval Stratum and a built-in filter (cartrige media), went through a massive upheaval to switch it to dirt about a month ago, and it's been running and seeming fine for about a month now. When I first switched the substrate...
  2. Filtration
    The pump is EeEeEeRrRrRrInG and not working. Pumps are so expensive! I opened it up and the impeller rod / shaft / axil / metal pin - is loose! What do I do to replace or re-seat it? Its the loose pin / rod that has broken two pumps! Much help needed! Thank - you !!
  3. For Sale or Trade
    ey everybody, with my job I'll be moving every 3-4 years and I've decided it's just too much stress for me to keep breaking down and packing my tank and equipment every single time. So I've decided to put everything up for sale here, if you live in Rapid City, SD I can actually just hand deliver...
  4. Filtration
    hi everybody, I'm trying to setup a planted aquarium. I've a got a small Fluval 5G tank. Removed its stock filter and installed the Marineland C-160. I noticed how well it worked and how quickly it cleaned the water literally in minutes. I used to have some old/rotted plants in this tank which...
  5. Algae
    I also seem to have algae problems, it will come , I'll get rid of it, then it comes back. This last time I though I have been pretty good about trying to keep on top of it. I figure I must be doing something wrong for the last couple years so perhaps you can point it out. 55 gallon tank...
  6. Filtration
    I've had some trouble keeping plants in the aquarium, since the cichlids have keep eating them, so I'm trying something new - I rooted some spider and pothos plants in the top of one of my filters. So far its been working well, and has kept the algae down. Anyone done anything like this...
1-6 of 6 Results