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  1. Journals
    Hello all! Starting my first journal here, with my second tank ever and my first foray into the planted sector of freshwater aquaria. My goal with this is to be a relatively low-maintenance tank without sacrificing on the beauty. Equipment 75 Gallon Aqueon tank from LFS Black pine stand from...
  2. El Natural
    After stalking the forums for a week or so, I've decided on a quasi- El Natural method planted aquarium. I'd like to eventually have a school of White Cloud Mountain Minnows in the aquarium and so I'll be working with an unheated 30 gallon (long) tank. If I want something that can handle lower...
  3. New to Planted Aquariums
    Hey, whats up: I set up a 29 gallon tank 3 days ago: I added 7 stems of anacharis, 9 stems of hornwort, 2 stems of water sprite' and 5 stems of wisteria and some java moss (the 7 moon stones are covered with java moss' and the tree leaves are also java moss). The tank set up is a deluxe packet...
1-3 of 4 Results