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  1. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Back in August my Water Lily in my outdoor container pond bloomed, I have to say I was very surprised that morning. It was a beautiful large yellow bloom. I took a bunch of photos, and since I don't know anyone who's interested in this kind of stuff I figured I start getting back on the forum...
  2. Plant ID
    Hi, I bought this small red plant with some flowers a couple of day ago and I can't seem to find an exact match as to what kind it is. Please help ID as I really want to know more about this plant. Thanks!:)
  3. Plant Physiology & Emersed Culture
    Just wanted to share some of my recent progress in the way of flowers with everybody: Limnophila sp. 'Vietnam' Buds: Bloom: Side View: Staurogyne sp. 'Bihar' The whole plant: Flower: and Fruit! (tried to use the backlighting to candle the pod, so we can see a bit of what's inside...)...
  4. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    I have had Anubias flower underwater before, but usually it is a whitish looking pod. Check out the photos. Can I get seeds from this pod, will it open underwater, or do I need to dry it out or something.
  5. Red Tiger Flower

    red tiger lotus gone wild!
  6. E. Ozelot Flower

    E. ozelot flower
1-6 of 6 Results