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  1. Algae
    I have a newly established glosso carpet and this green stuff has started showing up about 2 days ago as seen in the picture. The tank is 2 months old and runs ADA set up - 8 hours of light and co2, and fertilizing with ADA Step 1 and Brighty K. ANy advise on how to control and eliminate this...
  2. Plant Deficiencies
    I ripped everything out I previously had planted and am starting over. I'm going to plant my entire tank with Glossostigma, with only a few hardscape items and species of plants. Tank specs 20g long 3" sloping to 4" substrate mix of Eco Complete, black quartz and average size black gravel from...
  3. For Sale or Trade
    I'm starting a nano tank so I don't need much. If you have some micro tenellus or glosso that you can spare for sale, I'd be grateful if you'd drop me a message. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Time for a prune

    I thought I could just pull up a little of the glosso, WRONG!!!!
1-4 of 4 Results