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  1. Plant ID
    This plant grows in my pond in costal CT on the RI border. I noticed it in the spring growing on the shore and in shallow water with an eleocharis species and various rushes. I thought it might be a seedling of one of those but after 4 months of observation I've ruled that out as the plants...
  2. Fertilizing
    Hi, I have a 437 Litre tank, i have used river sand and golden sand and 2 Kg fertilizer gravel from company Sera.. I have planted a hairgrass, its yet to become a carpet, ik want this to grow quickly, i on the lights for 12 hrs, and Co2, i use both azoo carbon plus, and also use pellets in the...
  3. Aquascaping
    Hi, I have just finished planting my Aquarium with hairgrass, Sea grass, pelia moss, Aquarose and java moss.. The sea grasses were not in such a great condition , some had become a light brown when i planted them, also the java moss and pelia have some yellow portions in them I have added azoo...
1-3 of 3 Results