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  1. Plant Deficiencies
    hello so im currently having some deficiency problems and would like help solving it if you guys can help. i have a 30 gallon high tech tank. 7.2 ph offgassed, <6.0 peak co2. i previously had a K deficiency i believe because of holes in old leaves but i think i got it fixed. now dosing 10ppm K...
  2. Introductions and Greets
    Hi all. Long time lurker here. Finally decided to post after starting up again. This is a 20l with super high lighting, so method dosing with to water (for Taiwan bees). Now for the tank specs: High tech, ei dosing (dry macros 3x, flourish comp 5ml 3x/wk, .5ml flourish iron everyday. Derimmed...
  3. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hello everyone, who has had experience with buying or moving plants grown in a high tech environment to a low tech aquarium? Do they acclimate or waste away slowly? I would appreciate your experience as I am replanting a 100 gallon and will have to buy new plants. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results