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  1. Plant ID
    She's a hardy water lily I got from the local nursery in Singapore, where I live. When I bought her back in early May, she was in a bad shape and no flower yet. The shop owner didn't know what species of water lily is this. She just starts blooming today. According to Identify, explore and...
  2. Plant ID
    Hi, everyone! I recently bought these two plants but i'm not really sure what they are... Please help me ID them and if anyone knows how to care for them emersed or submersed, that'd be great too. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  3. Plant ID
    Hi I have 2 plants I bought from my lfs here. The first one(2 pictures) I just got today. The lfs guy told me that they were unsure of the species but he said it is definitely 100% aquatic. He said it has been in the tank there for a couple months and has been growing well. I am skeptical this...
  4. The Aquatic Plant Society (TAPS)
    Hi all, I'm new to this group, came across it in a search of plant society forums. I'm looking for some assistance in identifying a species of plant that we caught in our samples in the upper Midwest. I have attached a photo. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. Algae
    I am hoping somebody on this forum can identify the algae (if it is algae) that is growing in my tank. I am hoping with proper identification I can begin the proper treatment regimen. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!! Here are the details. I have a 54 gallon corner aquarium, South...
  6. Who Are We??

    Unknown lily and Ludwigia Ovalis?
  7. Who Are We??

    Unknown lily
  8. Who Are We??

    Ludwigia Ovalis?
  9. Plant ID
    I have three plants which I have foolishly bought without learning the name of them. I would like some expert opinions on the identity of these plants so I can research how to properly care for them. If you know a thing or two about these plants, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a...
1-9 of 9 Results