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  1. El Natural
    Recently, I visited a seasoned hobbyist (Richard Mullinax Jr.) and marveled at his 40 gal invertebrate tank. Set up 2 years ago with potted plants, the tank is filled with snails, RCS, ostracods, etc. The spots on the glass are attached limpets. Blackworms were waving at me from the moss...
  2. New to Planted Aquariums
    Tank setup and Plant Suggestions? 20 Gallon Tank Mostly Invertebrates. I plan on doing the following for a 20 Gallon Tank. 8 White cloud Minnows 1 Mystery Snail 6 Nerite Snails 5 Cherry Shrimp This is going to be a Planted tank. I will be establishing the plants first before I add the...
  3. Dallas Ft Worth Aquatic Plant Club
    Does anyone need/want some marbled (parthenogenic) crayfish? Mine are breeding like crazy and I don't want to kill them... (you are welcome to feed them to your things, I don't care; I just don't want to watch/be the one to do it D: )
  4. For Sale or Trade
    I have some extra things to part with all of these pics are original unedited pics of the actual items you will be getting. I am on TPT under the same username if you would like to see some feed back and also on Ebay with the same user ID. I have some chain swords at $1 each plant from 3-5...
1-4 of 4 Results