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  1. Fertilizing
    Hello Before a few months I have set up a low tech aquarium according to Diana Walstad method. Last week I introduced Limnobium laevigatum to reduce organic matter in the water. During one week the mass of the plant was tripled and after one week new leaves started to be yellow with signs...
  2. Fertilizing
    Hello, I'm currently growing some limnophila aromatica and I've lost the beautiful red coloration from the plant. I'd like to experiment by adding Iron to my dosing regimen. Does anyone know if Liquinox Iron and Zinc is safe to use in the aquarium? It can be found at local home & garden stores...
  3. Plant Deficiencies
    Hi all, I have a 30 gallon tank that is low/ambient light with a several anubias in there. I thought that since it was just anubias I would not have to fertilize or do much, but I think since I have so many there is some nutrient deficiency in the water. The most delicate plant has some leaves...
  4. Iron Deficiency

    In monocot (corn) and dicot (radish)
  5. Fertilizing
    Hi guys, I have a 20g tank with multiple fish, plants, and most importantly African Clawed Frogs. They are the reason I started the tank and can live for some time. Frogs apparently can have problems if metal touches their water (the ions are supposed to be toxic to them). The question I...
1-5 of 5 Results