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  1. Connecticut Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
    Click for pictures of my tank. Anybody interested in buying the whole live stuff in the tank? Plus the 125 lbs of gravel? I can even break it apart in the right order. It has 125 lbs gravel, lots of live plants, a dozen tetras, three large siamensis, drift wood with java...
  2. 75 Gal Before And After Planting Live Plants

    I had 2 very generous guys share plants with me, Mike "Crownman" & ReyRey from another group. I still need a background for it but doesn't it look HAPPY
  3. 75 Gal Before And After Planting Live Plants

    in the first picture you can see how sad my tank was. Yes you also see lots of algea - I scraped it down before transforming it. This is my fat cat the grands cal "Kitty", never messes with my guppies
1-3 of 4 Results