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  1. Equipment
    I'm looking into possibly getting a Marineland stand, however, I've read a few reports that the stands don't actually support the rim of the tank all the way around, but only partially (ie: full left and right rim support and a foot or so in the middle front, not sure about the back). Is this...
  2. 55 Gallon In The Rough

    My soon to be planted 55g. Using 1 API Filstar XP-2 and 1 Emperor 400 HOB with standard media, 2 CHEAP wal-mart hoods with LEDs (replacing for T5) ,50W heater, Pea Gravel substrate (eco complete later), 2 bubble wands. 2 JDs & a single parrot
  3. Lighting
    So i received my Aquarium Fish International magazine for may 2012 today (why its always dated 2 months ahead i dont know) and I sit down after a long day of work and turn the first page and :o "We Made the Sun Obsolete.... Marineland's Aquatic Plant LED Light". In my mind I'm thinking yessssss...
1-3 of 3 Results