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  1. Equipment
    I'm looking into possibly getting a Marineland stand, however, I've read a few reports that the stands don't actually support the rim of the tank all the way around, but only partially (ie: full left and right rim support and a foot or so in the middle front, not sure about the back). Is this...
  2. 55 Gallon In The Rough

    55 Gallon In The Rough

    My soon to be planted 55g. Using 1 API Filstar XP-2 and 1 Emperor 400 HOB with standard media, 2 CHEAP wal-mart hoods with LEDs (replacing for T5) ,50W heater, Pea Gravel substrate (eco complete later), 2 bubble wands. 2 JDs & a single parrot
  3. Lighting
    So i received my Aquarium Fish International magazine for may 2012 today (why its always dated 2 months ahead i dont know) and I sit down after a long day of work and turn the first page and :o "We Made the Sun Obsolete.... Marineland's Aquatic Plant LED Light". In my mind I'm thinking yessssss...