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  1. Equipment
    Hi all, I would like to buy the Ideal V52-1 needle valve (with Vernier handle for precise adjustments), but I need your help to decide if this valve is suitable for my project. I have very small experimental tanks (4 gallons each) for experiments with the growth rates of aquarium plants under...
  2. For Sale or Trade
    Does anyone know where to get 5 pieces of some precise metering (needle) valves like Swagelok S Series (*-SS*-VH), Hoke Micromite 1600 Series [or Milli-Mite 1300 Series], or Parker HR Series (H0, H1, H2) for a good price?
  3. Equipment
    So I just got my first CO2 set up used from my local fish club. I jumped at it because it was a good price, but now that I've actually got it, I am beginning to second guess my purchase. I knew that the bubble counter was broken when I bought the unit, so today I went ahead and bought a new...
1-3 of 3 Results