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  1. Nitrate (NO3) Test Kits
    I bought a Sera NO3 test kit today for my tank (heavily planted, no fish). The test result shows ZERO nitrate (image attached). Then, is zero nitrate good for aquatic plants? Or is it a symptom of Nitrogen deficiency?
  2. El Natural
    Hello everyone, this is my first tank and I never had any experience keeping planted tanks so I’m a little lost to what I should do or if there is a need to do anything at the moment. I just tested my water and I realised my ammonia is at 0.25 and my nitrite is around 0.25 as well. I noticed my...
  3. El Natural
    Ever since making the switch to El Natural, I have had happier and healthier fish, but a harder time acclimatizing new fish. I used to buy new fish and leave them in the bag floating in the tank for ~45 minutes and dump. This usualy results in death now, somewhat depending on the species...
1-3 of 3 Results