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  1. Fertilizing
    Hi All, I'd appreciate if someone could check my math. I want to determine the PPM of NO3 per drop of PMDD that goes in say a 10 gallon tank. weight of one tablespoon of KNO3 = 15.8 gm Percent NO3 in KNO3 = 61% weight of NO3 in one tablespoon of KNO3 = 9.6 gm drops in 500 ml of solution = 20 x...
  2. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    I am not sure how useful it may be, but still decided to describe my nutrients ratios for a successful Dutch tank. I am too lazy to change water weekly. My tap water is not good, so I use de-ionizing resins or buy distilled water at a supermarket. I only change 30-50% of water monthly or even...
1-2 of 2 Results