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  1. Plant ID
    Apologies if this isn't the right place for this post. This is wild-collected hornwort/coontail from central Florida (Ceratophylum demersum) in a 40 gallon low-tech Walstad biotope NPT. All plants and animals in the tank were collected by myself from local waterways, and this plant has been in...
  2. El Natural
    Hi and hello fro Indonesia. This is my first post and my first building an NPT after so many month learning from this forum. The tank is nano tank a 10g. Dirt soil i've been using is from my own backyard, with 4 times mineralizing (wash and dry it) before i mixed with clay, the depth is around 1...
  3. El Natural
    I'm thinking of the possibility of a brackish NPT. No fish, maybe just some nerite & faunus snails or some brackish/freshwater shrimp. As of now, I have a spare 2.5gallon, some potting mix and sand. I also have a refractometer to test the sg. For the plants, according to this website and other...
  4. El Natural
    Hi. I have experience with planted and reef systems, but have spent the last two years without any tanks. Next week I"ll set up a new planted tank, using Walstad's book as inspiration. I'll use a DIY led kit, for which I haven't yet tested the PAR rating but expect it to be high, in which case...
  5. Journals
    I guess it is time to start a journal on my tank, now that I know I will actually get this one set up, lol! I can drag out the planning and wanna-do stage for years and have done so in the past, so...I held off starting this journal until I actually got far enough along that I know I will get...
  6. El Natural
    I'm doing my first Walstad-style tank and I just put it together today! I'm not really going for style points or a pretty aquascape, I'm just trying to see if I can make this whole ecological experiment work and hoping to have a little personal eyecandy inside my drab little bedroom/office. So...
  7. Introductions and Greets
    On a whim, I bought a betta 2 years ago. I went from bowl to tank to bigger tank. I really want to try a Natural Planted tank, Walstad style. I can't wait to start!!!
  8. El Natural
    Hello! Has anyone had success in NPTs with Rotala wallichi? I've found I can order it, but I don't want to kill it, and the Plant Finder says it requires added CO2. Is generally such a requirement a no-go for keeping plants in NPT, in your experience? Thanks!
  9. El Natural
    Hello again! I'm still waiting for the plants to get started. Meanwhile I wonder what kind of water circulation device would be best. I'd like to keep pearl gouramies and other fish from calm waters. I worry about stressing them with too much or too turbulent a current. What would you recommend...
  10. El Natural
    Hello! I'm new here, and new to NPT though years ago I decided to keep tanks very naturally and it worked ok for years. Now I want to get back into the hobby and have found abot NPTs :) Back then I had different size tanks, with soil and heaters (no filters or pumps at all). I have bought...
  11. El Natural
    Hi all, I'm planning to start a 260 Gallon Walstad style tank, housing 1-2 Silver arowana in it... The Tank size is 84"X24"30" with 2-3" garden soil and 1" gravel cap. I plan to mature the tank for at least 4-6 months before adding the arowana (starting from 4" or so, hitting out max)...
  12. El Natural
    Hey! I've done a few NPTs over the years, but always used gravel as the cap. This time around, I want to try some coarse sand, just because I love how it looks. In plain sand tanks I've often kept MTS to stir it up. I know that snails in general help break things down faster in an NPT. Are...
  13. Nano Aquariums
    Hello, everyone! I've finally gotten my new ADA mini aquarium! It's my first attempt at an Iwagumi-style tank as well as my first ADA aquarium. As you can see from the picture, I also have 3 ryuoh stones that will be going into it. So far, I've also gotten an aquascaping kit, a light timer, a...
  14. El Natural
    Hi all. I have a 55 gallon NPT tank that's been set up for close to a year and a half now. This is my first venture into the planted tank realm. When the tank was new I had a lot a of beard algae growing on the sword leaves and the swords were very slow growing. After trying various things I...
  15. Npt Right Side

    NPT with microrasboras, CPD, and RCS 8.6.10
  16. Npt Left Side W Rcs

    NPT with microrasboras, CPD, and RCS 8.6.10
  17. Npt Full Frame

    NPT with microrasboras, CPD, and RCS 8.6.10
  18. El Natural - 5.5 Gallon Tank Pict 1

    5.5 gallon El Natural tank. Soil underlayer, pool filter sand top layer.
  19. El Natural - 10 Gallon "danio" Tank Pict 1

    10 gallon El Natural tank. Soil underlayer, pool filter sand top layer. Danio sp. 'Burma', javanese rice fish.
  20. El Natural - 10 Gallon "danio" Tank Pict 2

    10 gallon El Natural tank picture 2. Soil underlayer, pool filter sand top layer. Danio sp. 'Burma', javanese rice fish
1-20 of 20 Results