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    I have been having issues with my Zenkeri waterlily recently. It lost the majority of its older leaves (they just sort of melted away over time) to what I assume was too low pH (5.5). Also, light was less than perfect (50 par; el naturel tank). Yesterday, I saw it floating at the surface of the...
  2. Plant Deficiencies
    Hi.. today i noticed that few leaves in NYMPHAEA LOTUS 'RED' are turning transparent.. Please advice me on this??? :(:( 25 gallon NO3- 10 mg/l NO2 - 0 mg/l GH - >21°d KH - 15°d PH - 8.0 Cl2 - 0 DIY CO2
  3. Nymphaea Micrantha

    Nymphaea Micrantha