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  1. Fish for the Planted Aquarium
    Hey everyone, I noticed last night that my oto was loosing coloration in his back. Today, there are two white lines on either side of his body where there used to be grey. I have tried to read up on what this might be, but I could not find much except for the possibility that it might be from...
  2. Introductions and Greets
    So I am new to APC and I just thought I might share my tank history and what my current system is. I am running a 38 gallon jungle style tank. For equipment I run 2 Penguin 350 Bio-wheel filters, A Freshwater version Nova-Extreme T5-HO light fixture, and your standard DIY co2 system being...
  3. Fat oto

    Fat oto

  4. green peace

    green peace

    little oto resting on a leaf
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