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  1. Paludariums
    I think a lot of planted tank lovers are going to go this direction sooner or later and they will become a lot more popular in the near future. I have many planted tanks but I wanted to share my Paludarium today. That's our macaw and vacuum cleaner in the...
  2. Paludariums
    Hello! I'm having a few problems deciding on some things for the paludarium that I'll be starting eventually. I'm in the planning stages now, so anything could change. Some background: I have had a planted aquarium for over a year now, and it has gotten somewhat difficult to manage due to the...
  3. Paludariums
    This is my first post :) I just want some suggestion for a terrestial species for my new 40 gallon paludarium; The water is about 6 inches deep, the land is around 2 sqf. I already have some red cherry shrimp, 6 mosquito rasbora, 4 chili rasbora and 4 emerald rasbora, I want to increase the...
  4. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Hello! Will right off the bat say I am new to using forums in general, so if I do something which is against the forum rules or general conduct/manners, please let me know! Now for the fun stuff, I have a Paludarium which is a few months old and am looking to re-build it. Almost all of the...
  5. Paludariums
    Hey everyone so I am sorta new and not new to the whole building a tank thing. I'm not new because I do work in a pet store so I do have some knowledge of reptiles, but I am new because I've never owned any, nor have I built a tank. My hope is to build a nice big paludarium over the next few...
  6. Filtration
    I've had some trouble keeping plants in the aquarium, since the cichlids have keep eating them, so I'm trying something new - I rooted some spider and pothos plants in the top of one of my filters. So far its been working well, and has kept the algae down. Anyone done anything like this...
  7. Paludariums
    Here is a vid of the paludarium I built for our green basilisk. Its 4'X2'X4', made out of plexiglass with a hefty wood frame base. The waterfall is made out of an altered and raised water filter and field stones and slate. The Island is simply a 10 gallon fish tank that is full of dirt and...
  8. Paludariums
    so this is my sons first paludarium... still i work in progress #) gallon tank...all plants are real except the one on top the filter. have a rough skinned newt, 9 guppies(i also counted like 7 baby guppies last night) and a dwaf clawed frog. all live pretty good together. sorry couldnt get a...
  9. Paludariums
    Finally, i have decided to start a journal of my first (serious) attempt at planted tanks. I'm from Hungary, please do not make jokes about being hungry, thx! :D At first i will going to write down the facts of the aquarium (soon paludarium), after that I'm going to introduce myself in a few...
  10. Tequarium

    Landscape Landscape in progress Structual Design
  11. Tequarium

    Landscape Landscape in progress Structual Design
  12. Tequarium

    Landscape Landscape in progress Structual Design
1-12 of 12 Results