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  1. Buce Plant
    Hi all, We just got done with some PAR meter testing on the tanks we have with bucephalandra. The findings were very surprising tbh. We didn't know just how little light some of our buce was getting! Thats good news for the low-tech people though. Bucephalandra thrive in almost any lighting...
  2. Lighting
    Im currently looking to replace my current lighting to something more efficient. I want to know what would be the best for my set up. 3x current usa trulumen pros 8,000k or 2/3 Finnex FugeRay2s Double 7000k lights. Current specs: Tank: 60P Lighting: 110W Pc 10k & 6500k 2hrs in the morning and...
  3. Dallas Ft Worth Aquatic Plant Club
    Now that we have all the par data of all the club members tanks, we can get a better idea of what light requirements are needed for each tank and a idea of par requirements for different plants. I got some clippings that are from Coral & Reef USA - 2012 Annual to help us Brain Storm a better...
1-3 of 3 Results