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  1. Potamogeton Foliosus Leaf R

    Potamogeton Foliosus Leaf R

  2. Potamogeton Foliosus14 R

    Potamogeton Foliosus14 R

  3. Unknown Potamogeton

    Unknown Potamogeton

    The plant comes from a SE Wisconsin lake. It does not produce floating leaves When given room and good growing conditions it spreads rapidly by runners as seen in this picture.
  4. Wisconsin Potamogeton

    Wisconsin Potamogeton

    From a lake in Southern Wisconsin, collected by John Glaeser of the Madison Aquarium Gardeners Club. This plant is a little bigger than P. gayi, but has the same growth pattern.
  5. Potamogeton wrightii

    Potamogeton wrightii

    Definitely looks best grown in a clump.